Reasons Why Your Rockshox Reverb Is Stuck Down

Let’s talk about one of the most common problems with the RockShox Reverb. after some use; you find your RockShox Reverb is stuck and not adjusting on the fly as it is supposed to. Before we go into the details, let’s have a brief introduction for the readers who are not aware of the RockShox Reverb.

A RockShox Reverb is a type of adjustable seat post (also called dropper post) for bicycles. It’s used to adjust the saddle height while riding so you can easily change position and maintain a proper pedaling technique. The dropper post’s height is controlled via a remote lever typically mounted on the handlebars.

A stuck-down seat post will negatively impact your cycling performance and can increase the risk of accidents for you and your bike. It’s important to understand what causes and how you can fix them.

Understanding How the Rockshox Reverb Works

A RockShox Reverb uses a hydraulic system to adjust the seat post’s height. The system is self-contained and consists of the following components:

  • A sealed hydraulic cylinder inside the seatpost that contains a piston and a nitrogen-charged air spring.
  • A remote lever, typically mounted on the handlebars, is connected to the cylinder by a cable.
  • A one-way bleed valve located inside the cylinder allows for the adjustment of the air spring pressure.
  • A remote lever actuation mechanism that controls the movement of the piston inside the cylinder.

There’s a cylinder filled with oil, which is connected to a piston inside the seat post. The piston is connected to the seat post, and when you push the remote lever, it opens a valve, allowing the oil to flow into the cylinder, pushing the piston down and lowering the seat post. 

When you release the lever, a spring inside the seat post returns it to its original position.

The RockShox Reverb also features a unique “bleed” system, which allows you to adjust the return speed of the seat post. By using a bleed port and a special bleed kit, you can add or remove air from the system.

The Reverb is designed to be very smooth and easy to use. It has a hydraulic lockout feature that allows the rider to lock the seat post in place, preventing it from moving while climbing or descending. However, due to the number of parts within the seat post, it can sometimes be susceptible to getting stuck and require maintenance.

Let’s show you a few common issues and how you can solve them.

What Are the Possible Causes and Their Solutions

Several factors could be at play if your Rockshox Reverb gets stuck. Here are the most common causes.

Low Air Pressure in the System

Low air pressure in the Rockshox Reverb can cause the seat post to become stuck in the lowered position because it doesn’t provide enough force to overcome the internal spring tension, which keeps the seat post in the extended position. 

This can happen when the air pressure in the dropper is too low, this can happen when the internal seal gets damaged or worn, or when there is a leak in the air system. 

  • To resolve this issue, you’ll need to check the air pressure in the shock and ensure that it’s at the recommended level with the post extended, the air pressure should be 250psi.

Note that this level can change depending on your weight and riding style, so double-check to avoid further complications. 

If you’ve tried resolving the issue by pumping air in and out, yet the problem persists, you can try the following:

  • Completely discharge the system’s air, pull the seat post up, and hold the remote button while pumping air back in. 

Hydraulics Issue

The RockShox Reverb uses a hydraulic system consisting of several parts. It relies heavily on a piston, an internal fluid, and a high-tension spring to allow you to adjust the seat post’s height. 

Sometimes, if the seal gets damaged, an oil leak could cause your seat post to respond slowly or remain stuck. This is also the case if any part of the hydraulic system fails.

In this case, you can use the RockShox Reverb’s unique bleed feature — you can effectively drain the oil and replace it to reset your seatpost’s position and solve any fluid-related issue. By using a bleed port and a special bleed kit, you can also add or remove air from the system to adjust the speed at which the seat post returns to its position.

This process is lengthy, slightly difficult, and may require the help of a friend. We recommend you take your bicycle to a professional if your attempts at fixing it fail. But, if you want to go the DIY route, Check this youtube video

If Nothing Works

Sometimes, the seat post could be faulty from the very beginning, and no amount of servicing or home repairs will get you back on track.

If you’ve tried to bleed your Rockshox Reverb, adjust the system’s air pressure and replace the oil several times to no avail, you may want to consider replacing the seat post entirely.

Replacement parts are available online. You can also order them on the official website. We recommend you visit a professional to get it replaced to avoid any complications down the line. However, if you’re adamant, you can pull it off yourself. Here’s a YouTube guide to getting started!


The RockShox Reverb is designed to be smooth and easy to use. Its sophisticated hydraulics system allows you to remotely control the seat’s height to ensure that your cycling is comfortable and seamless. 

However, due to its many components, a malfunction in the system could cause your seat post to become stuck. It’s essential to have it repaired to prevent a negative impact on your cycling performance and to avoid the risk of an accident.