Rad Power Bikes not Working? [Troubleshoot]

Motor and battery are the key components of an electric bike. If I simplify, an ebike is nothing but a regular bicycle with motor assistance. The battery is the source that runs the motor. Besides, there can be a pedal-assist or throttle system for controlling the motor speed. That’s it. So, when you say rad power bikes are not working, it means there is an error on the battery, motor, or assist system.

However, you can still ride the bike by peddling manually. But it won’t be a real electric biking experience. So, you must fix these errors for an uninterrupted electric biking experience on your rad power bike.

Let’s learn 5 reasons why the rad power bike not working and figure their solutions out.

1. Rad power bike not turning ON

Rad power bike not turning ON

The ultimate error in a rad power bike is that the bike refuses to turn ON. Though it looks pretty critical, it appears because of some common problem. Here is why the rad power bike stopped turning on.

  • Low battery: The battery supplies power to the display, motor, and lights. So, the bike won’t start if the battery is extremely low. Besides, an exhausted battery fails to supply energy to these components. As a result, the bike won’t turn on.
  • Connection error: You must know all the major ebike components are interconnected with wiring and connectors. Besides, there is a controller to coordinate all the systems and run the bike. That’s why it’s common to have one or more loose connections in the bicycle. As a consequence, the rad bike won’t turn on.


Firstly you have to check the battery and the connectors. Rad power electric bike batteries come with a battery level indicator. So, you can quickly know whether or not the battery has enough charge. If the battery level is low, charge it and try to turn the bike on. Consider Replacing the Battery; if it is exhausted and stops charging itself.

Secondly, check the connectors and wiring. You can find one or more disconnections or loose connections. Get some Spare Connectors and rectify the connection issues by Soldering.

2. Rad power bike pedal assist not working

Most rad power bikes come with a pedal-assist system (PAS). It accelerates the bike with the pedal stroke. Simply saying, the motor accelerates as hard as you peddle. However, the pedal-assist system is operated and controlled by sensors. So, the PAS stop working when the sensors are corrupted or misplaced. Let me explain.

  • Misplaced sensor: The PAS includes a magnet ring around the chainring and a PAS sensor attached to the bottom bracket. The PAS sensor stays parallel to the magnet ring. It determines the speed you peddle at. Then, it sent a signal to the motor to accelerate accordingly. So, when the sensor is misplaced, it fails to take reading properly. As a result, PAS stop working.
  • Corrupted sensor: Sometimes, the sensors align correctly, but still, the PAS fails. It happens when the sensor itself is dirty or damaged inside. When the sensor is dirty or damaged, it fails to receive, process, or send signals. Thus, the PAS can also stop working.


First of all, clean the PAS sensor. For that, you can apply dry soap and hot water. Then wipe the sensor up with a clean towel.

Then diagnose the wiring and the sensor itself. If there are any loose connections, rectify them. Now, check whether the sensor is in the correct position. If the sensor is too far from the magnet ring, push it to bring them closer. However, 3 mm is the distance considered to be optimum for them. Adjust the magnet ring with a screwdriver to make it straight and parallel.

Lastly, check whether the PAS is working or not. There is a LED on the PAS sensor. It blinks when you rotate the pedal. If the LED is not blinking while paddling, the PAS is not working. In this case, it’s good to replace the Pedal Assist Sensor.

3. Rad power bike throttle not working

Radpower bikes mostly come with both PAS and throttle assist systems. PAS helps to accelerate the bicycle gradually. Whereas you can manually accelerate it by twisting the throttle. So, when the rad power bike throttle is not working, it means the throttle is jammed or damaged inside.

  • Jammed throttle: The electric bike motor starts and accelerates as you twist the throttle. So, when it is jammed inside, it won’t turn, and the throttle assist won’t work. However, it happens when the mechanism is stuck inside the throttle. Generally, it occurs when there is rust inside it.
  • Damaged throttle: You tend to twist the throttle harder whenever it is jammed. Thus, the throttle gets damaged inside. As a result, it stops working though you can rotate it freely.


Whenever the throttle stop working, you should restore or replace it.

Firstly, you need to remove the throttle. For that, loosen the handlebar grip cap with a Flat Head Screwdriver. Then try to pull out the grip. If it is stuck, you can use rubbing alcohol for lubrication.

After removing the grip, you can remove the throttle. Before that, disconnect the throttle connector. Now, loosen the clamp bolt with an Allen Key. Loosen the brake lever and remove the spacer if there is any. The throttle is ready to be released.

After removing the throttle, you have to diagnose it. If it seems to be restorable, clean and lubricate it. Otherwise, contact radpower bikes and get a new throttle set.

After getting a new or restored throttle, reinstall it. Firstly, insert the throttle and the spacer. Then place the throttle correctly and temporarily fix it with a zip tie. Now you can tighten the bolts and reinstall the grip. Finally, close the grip cap, and you are done.

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4. Rad power bike motor cutout under load

Rad Power Bikes not Working

Sometimes, the bike starts and everything works well, but it stops in a middle of a ride. It happens when the motor cuts out from the source. This problem occurs due to overload, like a sudden voltage jump. Besides, it happens if the sensor is faulty or misaligned. Let me explain.

  • Overload: Whenever you get an ebike battery, the BMS comes with a safety circuit. It saves the battery from any unusual input or output. For example, take a sudden voltage jump. When you twist the throttle hard, the motor will accelerate fast. Asa result, a sudden voltage jump will appear in the circuit. Consequently, the motor will automatically cut out to protect the battery and other components.

However, this problem mainly occurs when the battery is too old or chemically exhausted. Besides, a low-quality cheap spare battery can create this problem.

  • Sensor failure: This problem can also appear because of faulty sensors. Sometimes the sensor malfunction due to misalignment or damage. As a result, the engine cuts out suddenly.


If the battery gets too old or exhausted, replace it. While getting a new battery, avoid cheap options. Getting a power pack from Rad Power Bike’s store is better. Otherwise, get something durable and high performing.

However, the bike should be free from loose connections to avoid the motor cut. So, check the wiring every time before you go for a ride. Rectify the connection error as I described earlier in the post. Besides, test the sensors regularly. Make sure they are aligning and functioning correctly.

5. Rad power bike battery not working

Sometimes, the battery itself refuses to power up the bike. It appears when the battery is not charging correctly. Besides, it occurs when the prongs are bent or broken.

  • Charging error: You can understand easily if the battery won’t charge; it won’t discharge. The battery stops charging when the charger is not good. Also, a wrong input voltage can sometimes prevent the battery from charging. Besides, the battery stops charging when it is chemically exhausted.
  • Bent prongs: Prongs are the points from where the charge is supplied to the bike’s display, motor, and other components. So, when it is broken or bent, the battery won’t connect to them. As a result, the battery seems to be not working.


At first, you have to check the wiring and connection, especially the prongs. If you find any reasons for connection errors, try to fix them. Fix the prongs if it is bent or broken. Get a good quality charger and charge the battery at the correct voltage. Get a new battery if the old one is chemically exhausted. Again, avoid cheap batteries. Get something good instead.

Frequently asked questions about rad power bikes

How do I reset my Rad power bike battery?

Many minor errors get solved after resetting the battery. It’s pretty easy to reset a rad power bike battery. You will find a power button on the battery. Simply press this button and hold it for 15 seconds. The battery will reset.

Can rad eBike batteries be repaired?

Yes, rad e-bike batteries can be repaired. But it’s not worth repairing a battery. Well, you can change the acid water inside. But a repaired one can’t provide the expected performance a new one offers. So, replacing the old battery is better than repairing it.

Is there a fuse on a rad electric bike?

Yes. Rad electric bikes have fuses. They help the bike to protect the components from overload. Besides, fuses can prevent short circuits. So, the risk of fire reduces due to the presence of fuses in the rad electric bike. However, when a single fuse melts, you must replace it immediately. It’s crucial to keep riding the bike.


Rad bike is one of the most uttered names in the ebiker community. So, rad power has a different fanbase. So, it’s easy to get solutions if you face any problem. Besides, the Rad help center is always there to help you.

Still, many riders don’t have clues on how to troubleshoot their rad bikes. So, I decided to write this blog and contribute to this community. I hope this will help you to understand the troubleshooting process.

However, if you aren’t confident to DIY the repair job, get professional help. Take your bike to a reputable ebike shop or contact rad’s help center for consultation. I hope you will get a solution.

Goodbye for today.