Rad Power Bikes Battery Charging: Tips to Follow

Hello riders, It’s a guide on rad power bike battery charging!

You may think charging is a simple task to do. Do I really need a guide on it?

Well, indeed, charging a battery is not a complicated task. But many users don’t know the correct way of charging. As a result, the battery life decreases too fast. Moreover, short circuit and fire accidents can occur if you don’t know when and where to charge.

Let’s know everything about charging a rad power bike battery.

When to charge rad power bikes battery

How to charge rad power bikes battery

This is the point where every rider makes mistakes. Most of them charge the battery whenever they have to. Some people do it whenever their hearts want. You can’t do it like this. You must remember charging and discharging are chemical reactions. You should balance them and make them as smooth as possible. It’s essential for the durability of the battery.

Anyways here is when you should charge your rad power bike battery.

  1. If you have a fresh, brand new battery, charge it for 12 hours. Don’t look at the battery level; just charge it fully. Then ride the bike and charge it again for 12 hours. Repeat it up to the fourth ride. During this process, you can use the PAS (pedal assist system) and throttle normally. This process is called battery balancing.
  1. After battery balancing, you can charge the battery whenever necessary. There is no fixed rule on when to charge it. But it’s good to charge the battery after every ride. Thus, you will be prepared with full backup before the next ride. But the best practice is to charge it when the battery level is under 30-40%.
  1. Sometimes, you don’t get enough time to ride. In this case, you have to store the battery for months. While storing the battery, it’s good to charge it once every month. Otherwise, the battery can get exhausted. So, charge the battery for 12 hours once every month while storing it.

How to charge rad power bikes battery

Rad Bike Battery Stuck

Charging is not just about plugging or unplugging the charger. It’s more than that. You have already known when to charge the rad power bike’s battery. Now, let’s understand how to do it. 

Step-1: Select a suitable charger

At the very first step, you must get a perfect charger for your bike. It’s good to get one from the rad bike store itself. Otherwise, follow the below tips while getting a new charger for your rad power bikes.

  1. Firstly, check whether the charger is compatible with your battery. I mean, check the charging pin. It should match the charging port of the battery.
  1. Lastly, consider the input and output voltage. It should be suitable with the battery and the charging source. For example, a charger of 42-volt output is ideal for a 36V battery. Besides, check the input voltage. The average voltage of the current supply of every house in the USA is around 120 volts. So the charger must have an input voltage range of 100-200 or more. Otherwise, it can get damaged during voltage fluctuation.

Step-2: Choose the right charging source

Most of the time, this step is ignored. But choosing the right source is vital for safe and efficient charging. So, here are the things you should consider selecting the charging source.

  1. Firstly, you must choose a place suitable for charging. The place should be dry and free from moisture. The place should not be too cold or too hot. However, 15 to 25 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for charging. Colder places will cause slower charging. Whereas hotter places can damage the battery and decrease its lifespan.
  1. Secondly, the charging source should not be of high voltage. So, you must avoid high voltage areas like industries, engineering workshops, or powerhouses. Also, ensure there are no high-power-consuming appliances like grinders or blenders functioning around where the battery is charging.

Step-3: Charging time

In the last step, you must define the charging time. Of course, you can charge the battery overnight. The charger will get automatically disconnected after the battery gets charged fully. But, it’s good to unplug the charger after charging. Otherwise, there can be accidents like short circuits. Let’s know the duration of charging required for different battery levels.

Battery LevelTime required to 100% charge
5% or less7 hours
25 to 30 %5.5 hours
45 to 50 %4.5 hours
65 to 70 %3.5 hours
75 to 80 %2.5 hours
85 to 90 %1.5 hours
95 % or above1 hour

Additional tips to follow

You have learned when to charge a rad power bike battery and how to do it. Now you can simply put it to charge. But here are additional tips to follow. They are a must for safe charging.

  1. Avoid thunderstorms: Avoid charging the battery in bad weather, especially in a thunderstorm. Here short circuit can occur, and the battery gets overheated. It can simply spoil your expensive battery
  1. Use optimal load: Like other premium brand ebike batteries, rad power bike batteries come with a safety circuit. When the battery is subjected to overload, the fuse melts. Thus, the battery stop working. Another hand, lower voltage slows the charging down. So, the best practice is to charge the battery in an optimal load.

Frequently asked questions

Do Rad Power Bikes charge when you pedal?

No, rad power bikes don’t recharge when you pedal. Unlike some cheap ebike, rad power bikes don’t have this feature. It seems to be an exciting feature to have. But it helps a little and creates more problems. You need more effort in peddling for this feature. Moreover, the charge the battery get is minimal. So it’s not worth it.

Should you disconnect the battery when charging?

Not at all. You can charge the battery when it’s on the bike. Just make sure the battery is not discharging at the same time while charging. So, turn the bike off and then charge it. It will be fine.

How do you tell when the battery is fully charged on a battery charger?

Almost all rad power bike batteries come with a battery level indicator. So it’s easy to tell when the battery is fully charged on charging. If the indicator is corrupted, use a multimeter to determine it. Just calculate the voltage of the battery. If it is equal to the output voltage of the battery, then it’s fully charged.


Most rad power bikes come with high-quality batteries. It means these batteries can provide higher backup and better durability than any other battery. But higher quality comes with a higher price to pay. The same thing goes with rad power bike batteries. A battery from rad bikes can cost around 500 USD.

However, high-cost batteries need high care to provide high performance. Proper charging-discharging is the primary step of caring for the battery. So you must know how to charge the rad power bike battery. Thus, you can ensure a healthy battery for your rad power bike.