Rad Bike Battery Stuck: How to Remove

Nowadays, most electric bikes come with removable batteries. Rad bike is not out of it. It also has removable batteries. So, you can conveniently charge or maintain them. But things go wrong when the battery is stuck and not coming off the bike.

Well, you can still charge the bike or maintain it. But you can’t do it in convenience. So, it can’t be a permanent solution. You must unstick the battery.

However, you must understand why the battery is stuck. Then, you can unstick it. So, let’s learn and do it together.

Why rad bike battery stuck

Rad Bike Battery Stuck

Rad bike battery gets stuck due to a corrupted keylock system. It happens when the lock is rusty or broken somehow. Besides, it occurs if you fail to place the battery correctly while installing.

The problem is pretty simple to understand. If you are still confused, here is the explanation below.

  1. Rusty keylock system: Most of the time, the battery gets stuck when the lock is jammed. Rust is the primary reason why the lock gets jammed. However, the lock gets rusty when it frequently contacts moisture.
  1. Broken lock: Another reason why the battery gets stuck is the broken lock. When the lock is damaged inside, the key can’t penetrate well. As a result, you can’t unlock the battery. Besides, the battery can get broken and move from its position. Thus, unlocking becomes more complex, and the battery remains stuck on the frame.
  1. Displaced battery: Sometimes, the battery itself gets stuck into the tray. But here, the battery doesn’t have any fault. It’s you who put it wrong on the mount. When you unlock the battery, it comes out smoothly from the tray. But, it gets stuck if not fitted properly.

How to Prevent Battery Stuck in Rad Bike

The battery is stuck now and seems difficult to remove. You will get to know how to remove it now. But if you don’t want this won’t happen again, there are some precautions to take. First of all, you have to install the battery correctly. Then, follow the below tips to avoid a stuck battery.

  1. Avoid moisture: You have learned that bike locks get jammed due to rust. The best way to prevent rust is to keep the bike away from humidity. Store the bike in a dry place and keep it from raindrops or mildew. If the battery still gets wet, wipe it with a clean cloth.
  1. Lubrication:  The battery is stuck mostly for a faulty keylock system. So, you should keep the lock clean and lubricated for smooth functioning. However, you can use WD40 to clean the lock. Then lubricate it with Lock Lubricant.

How to unstick rad bike battery

How to prevent battery stuck in rad bike

To be honest, you don’t have many things to do to unstick the battery. But in 90% of cases, the battery comes out with little effort.

So, you should be patient and try to unstick the battery. However, the battery or the mount can get damaged if you do it in a rush. So, hold your breath and just do it.

Step-1: Cleaning and Lubrication

As the lock is jammed inside, you should clear it first. For that, you will need a rust-release penetrant spray from WD40. It’s a specialist spray that efficiently cleans inside the lock. Also, it helps in penetrating the keys smoothly.

Anyways, spray the rust releaser a few times inside the keyhole. Then, insert the key and try to unlock the lock. The lock should be opened if it starts rotating freely. However, after cleaning, apply lubricant so that the lock remains easy to unlock.

Step-2: Adjusting and fitting

After fixing the lock, you should try to unstick it from the mount. Sometimes, the battery gets stuck on the mount for not sitting well. So, adjust it and check the fitting.

Most of the time, the battery sits right with minor adjustments. First of all, check from which side the battery gets misplaced. Then push the battery from the other side. If you are not getting a good grip, try it gently with a screwdriver.

But don’t do it forcefully, or the battery can get damaged. If the battery is not yet unstuck, stop trying and go to a bike shop.

Freaky Tip: If you fail to unstick the battery, take it to an electric bike shop. People can suggest you take help from a key maker. But I suggest not to do so. Because e-bike batteries have different types of locks that a regular lock mechanic may not be able to fix. Besides, the way they repair locks can damage your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the battery on rad bikes?

Yes, you can replace the battery on rad bikes. Spare batteries for rad bikes are available. You can easily find one online. As the battery is easy to remove, you can easily replace it.

Can you remove the rad bike battery to charge?

Yes, you can remove the rad bike battery to charge. Of course, there is no fixed rule on how to charge it. But it’s convenient to charge when the battery is off the bike. Anyways, you can simply remove the bike by unlocking it.

Are rad bike batteries hard to remove?

Yes, rad bike batteries are somehow hard to remove. Unlike other bikes, rad bikes come with inbuilt battery cages on frames. It saves the battery from any hit or crash. But, removing the battery gets a bit difficult with it.


Great job!

You have removed the battery from the bike. Now you can charge the battery or maintain it. If necessary, you can also replace it. However, you may need minor adjustments on the battery tray before maintenance. If you still face problems, take the bike to an e-bike shop.

I repeat, take it to an e-bike shop, not a regular bike shop. Besides, take help from a key maker if the key is not penetrating inside the lock. I hope everything will be alright.

I hope your riding experience will be smoother next time.

Have a good day!

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