How to Keep Bikes from Hitting Each Other on Rack

As bicycling is getting popular, the number of bikes is increasing day by day. I know many riders who have more than one bike. Many of them ride with partners or kids. It’s good to see families riding bikes together. But the problem arises when they complain their bikes are damaged while storing on rack.

Well, storing more than one bike on a  rack is a bit tricky and hazardous as well. The bikes hit each other while transporting. Besides, when keeping in the house, children or pets can push them. Thus, they can hit each other. As a result, the bikes get damaged more on racks than crashes.

However, this post is for you if you don’t know how to keep bikes from hitting each other on rack. You are going to get an easy solution for the problem.

Why are bikes hitting each other on the rack?

Bikes Hitting Each Other on bike Rack

Before you learn how to keep bikes from hitting each other on rack, understand the root of the problem. Bikes are hitting each other on the rack because they are not stable. It can happen because the grip on the bike is not good. Also, the steering is movable. So the bikes can hit each other on the front wheel while transporting or storing. Lastly, the bikes will hit if kept too close to each other.

How to keep bikes from hitting each other on the rack

Now you know why bikes are hitting each other on the rack. Let’s know how to solve the problem.

As stability is the most critical issue, you have to stabilize the bikes first. Ensure good grip on bikes and tie the steering with frame. Lastly, store it in the right way and take precautions to avoid direct hits ike while storing.

3 Steps to keep bikes from hitting each other on the rack

These 3 steps can help you to get rid of bikes hitting on the rack. Don’t mix them. Go step by step to do it correctly. Let’s dig in.

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Step1: Get the right rack

Bikes from Hitting Each Other on Rack

Sometimes, the rack itself has problems. It can be about the gap between the hook or clamp. If the gaps are too small, the chances of bikes hitting will be more. So, when getting a bike rack, make sure the gap between the hooks or clamps is enough.

Another thing that causes bikes to hit is the poor grip of hooks or clamps. The stability of the bikes decreases when the grip is not good. Consequently, the bikes hit each other on the rack. So, you must get a rack that offers excellent grip on bikes. Thus, the bikes will not move much, and hitting will decrease.

Personally, I like Allen Sports Delux for a bike rack. It can carry two or more bikes at a time and offers enough space between hooks. Additionally, it features strap-ties that ensure excellent grip and enhanced stability of bikes while storing/transporting.

Freaky Tips: While storing the bikes on the rack, maintain thezigzag’ alignment. For example, if a bike steerer is aligned on the right-hand side, the next bike’s steerer should be on the left-hand side. Thus the chances of hitting will be decreased.

Step2: Stabilize the bike

After setting the bikes on the rack, you have to stabilize them. Most of the time, the bikes scratch on the front wheel or handlebar. This is because the steering is the most moving part of the bike. So, it’s pretty much sure that they will hit each on rack.

However, for stabilizing the wheel, you can use a rope or tap. But I prefer to use a Bike Wheel Stabilizer or Velcro Straps for the job. They are easier to tie and remove. Anyways, if you want, you can stabilize the crankarms too. Get shorter velcro straps for that.

Step3: Prevent damage

Though you have stabilized the bikes by now, they can still hit each other on track. So you have to take some preventive measures. This is necessary to prevent damage even if the bikes hit each other.

What you have to do is to insulate the frames with elastic material. For that, you can use a Foam Pole. It’s relatively cheap and available everywhere.

Cut the poles according to the sizes of tubes. Then, wrap the tubes with these poles. Another alternative you can give a try is the frame Bumper. It is more efficient and convenient to use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Racks

Why do I need a bike rack?

If you have more than one bike in the house, it is good to have a bike rack. It helps to store or transport the bikes. Additionally, you can use some of them as a bike repair stand alternative.

Are bike racks safe?

Yes, bike racks are safe to store or transport bikes. But, you have to ensure a good grip and stability of bikes on the rack. Also, insulate the frame with bumpers. It’s a must to prevent damage while carrying bikes.

Do hitch bike racks sway?

Every kind of bike racks sway while. But, hitch racks sway more than other racks. And swing increases over time on a hitch rack.

Is it normal for bike racks to sway?

It’s normal for a bike rack to sway. You can’t stop the racks from the swing. Instead, use stabilizers to reduce swing and prevent bike damage.


Bikes are hitting each other on rack. No one will bother it until they get damaged. So, firstly, you have to keep the bikes from hitting each other on rack. Then, you can take some preventive measures to avoid damage even if they hit each other. Thus, you can get rid of bikes hitting on the rack.

However, the steps I recommended can help you prevent the bikes from hitting each other on the rack. These processes require some tools or accessories. I have suggested the best options for them. You will need a little money for that. But, it will be worth it to spend. Because once the bike gets damaged, it will cost even more to fix it. So?

Get rust-free bikes and enjoy your ride.


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