How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

A lock and key system is an incredible thing for an electric bike. It offers you not only the vibe of a motorbike but also ensures extra security. Generally, a key is provided with the electric bike to turn the bike on. You can compare it with a motorbike’s ignition system.

Anyway, the thing goes very well till you have the key to start the bike. But when you lose the key, you will fall into trouble. However, you have landed here because you have already lost the key.

So, stop thinking or regretting about the key. Instead, learn how to start the electric bike without the key for now. Also, I will describe how to avoid this kind of situation in the future. You can follow it too.

So, let’s start.

Is it possible to start an electric bike without key?

How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

It seems impossible to start an electric bike without a key. But, in reality, it’s quite possible to do. Though it’s not safe to start an electric bike without a key, there are certain ways to do it. For example, you can start the electric bike with alternative ignition or circuit bypass. Besides, a screwdriver or master key can be used as the alternative to the key.

Anyways, all these methods won’t be suitable for you. I have explained these methods in detail. Apply one that seems perfect to you.

How to start electric bike without key

Here are 6 different methods of starting an electric bike without a key. I have started with the safer ways and finished with risky methods. If you don’t know which method is applicable for you, try them one by one.

1. Removing the battery

ebike battery

It’s the safest way to start the bike. If you have an emergency, this trick will work best. But, you have to use your legs only, and the bike won’t remain electric. Let me explain

When you paddle, the motor starts rotating and assists you in peddling. So, the motor is associated with the pedal. So, what you have to do is to break this association. For that, remove the battery and disconnect the ignition wiring. After that, you can ride the Ebike like any other normal bike. Thus, no electrical power will require at all, and there won’t be any dragging from the motor.

2. Alternating ignition

Unlike motorbike, e-bike ignition system does nothing but complete the circuit to turn the power on. The key-lock system does the work of ignition in an electric bike. So, if you anyhow complete the circuit, there will be no need for a key-lock system. For that, you have to identify the ignition wiring. It is mostly situated under the key-lock system. However, after identifying the wires, cut and connect them. The bike should start now. If it doesn’t, try the next methods.

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3. Using a screwdriver

It’s sometimes difficult to find the ignition wiring as it is often protected by the hard coating. In this case, try to get something that can alternate the key. A screwdriver can be an alternative. But, you have to get one that looks like your key. However, this trick is applicable mostly to the old types of locks. So, don’t apply force if it is not happening with minimum effort. Otherwise, you can damage the lock.

4. Try a master key

A master key, also known as a universal key or a bump key used to unlock any lock. So, you can try it to start the bike. However, it’s safer than inserting a screwdriver into the keyhole. But, it’s a bit hard to get a master key.

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5. Applying a shim


Almost like the screwdriver hack, it’s a more effective way to alternate the key. Moreover, it’s a cheaper and safer option. You can simply make a shim out of an aluminum can. Yes, the can that comes with drinks. Cut the top and bottom part of the can and spread it like a sheet. Now cut the sheet into an “M” shape. Then, fold it through the vertical axis. However, you must cut it according to your key length and width.

6. Melting a plastic pen

You can use a plastic pen to start the bike as a last try. In my opinion, it’s the riskiest method to try. So, I suggest doing it carefully and slowly. Anyway, get an exhausted plastic pen first. Then, melt it slowly on fire, but don’t over melt it. Now, Insert the melting pen into the keyhole and wait until it gets cold and hard. Lastly, try to rotate the pen to start the bike. 

How to avoid starting electric bike without a key

Congratulations! You have started the Ebike without a key.

Yeah, I am kidding. It wasn’t a happy experience. So, I think you don’t want to do it again. That’s why I have come up with some tips. These tips can help you avoid this kind of situation or make it easier to do.

1. Registrations & Records

This step can help in many aspects. But how and where to register? Firstly, keep the buying receipt of the bike. This will help you to access the bike without any legal issues. It’s a must when you need to break a lock or start the bike without a key, it’s a must. Secondly, record the serial no of the bike and assign it to a tracking app. It can help you to find your bike when lost or stolen. Finally, register for a safe lock program. Popular lock brands like “Kryptonite” offer this kind of service. Thus, you can get your key back when it is lost.

2. Never lost the key

electric bike master key

It’s not a tip; it’s an unwritten rule for the bikers. Never ever lost the key. I know you won’t lose it intentionally. But, be careful while carrying it. Don’t leave the key on the bike when you’re outdoor. Besides, keep one or more duplicate keys in your house. Also, register to program like “kryptonite key safe.” Thus, you can avoid these kinds of unpleasant situations.

3. Keep the lock clean

Sometimes, you don’t need to lose the key to fall into this situation. When the lock gets jammed, the same situation arrives, even worse. So, you must keep the lock clean from inside. For that, get a Bike Rust Remover and clean the lock regularly. However, don’t overdo it or apply excessive lubricant to the lock.

4. Ensure safety

Lastly, ensure the safety of your electric bike. Whenever you are outdoor, park it in a safe and crowded place. Also, get a gold-certified bike lock and lock up your bike when you are not around. Besides, you can take the battery out of the bike to save it from thieves.

Frequently Asked Questions Ebike Key

What is the key to an electric bike?

The key on an electric bike is to on/off the bike. Besides, the battery is also locked on the controller box. Keys are also used for unlocking the battery. Lastly, if you have a bike lock, keys can also be used to lock or unlock the bike.

Is it Ok to start an electric bike without a key?

Not at all. Actually, it’s hazardous to do. When you try to insert a screwdriver or melted pen, there is a chance to damage the lock. Moreover, these tricks are one-time solutions. You can’t start the bike again and again like this.

Can electric bikes be used manually?

Yes. Electric bikes can be used manually. In modern electric bikes, the pedal-assist feature is offered. It means the motor helps you to peddle with minimum effort. The bike doesn’t run totally with electric energy. Your muscle energy is also associated here. That’s why you can ride an e-bike with your leg even if there is no battery power.


To be honest, it’s not safe at all to start an electric bike without a key. But, you had no choice at that time. I hope you have followed my methods and started the bike by now. However, if you don’t want to face this kind of situation again, follow the tips I have described above.

Anyways, it’s easy to start the electric bike without a key. Again it’s a dangerous thing to do. So, do it carefully when you don’t have any options. Moreover, it’s not a permanent solution to a lost key. You should consult an expert whenever the key is lost.

I hope you won’t fall into any trouble again.


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