How to Lock Two Bikes Together [Make More Secure]

Working around two bikes can indeed be an effort. You and your better half always like to move together with your bike since you guys like staying healthy and keeping the environment better. But, evidently, you two need to worry about your bikes getting stolen after leaving them for your various activities.

Now since you two are together, you obviously would want to keep the bikes together, which is precisely what the thieves would love to see. That is an opportunity for them to steal two bikes in one go. Two cycles locking together is indeed a disadvantage for the bike owners, but the bikes can be safely secured.

For that, I am here to guide you with some easy methods along with some essential information. 

Where should you lock the two bikes?

Where should you lock the two bikes

The place definitely comes into play with your security. Even in the most secure areas, your bikes could be stolen since almost every form of lock can be cut open or bypassed. As the days go by, these thieves are only getting more competent at their work. They see it as a form of craft.

So, first and foremost, you need to realize the place you’ll be locking your bike is wholly fixed or not. Like, there are some public bike racks that are stamped with bolts that the thieves can easily open up and take everything with them. 

  • Yes, the thieves are capable of taking the bike racks along with your bike. I bet you haven’t thought about that. You need to make sure that the rack is fully bolted onto the ground, which can be bolted with either a lot of bolts or a massive chunk of concrete. 
  • The various types of posts, like a lamp post, can be productive if you see no bike racks. Then it can be railings or benches. Oh yes, about benches, it is similar to racks. You need to be careful about its placement as well; otherwise, the thieves will steal the bike along with the bench. 
  • Lastly, make sure that the area is around surveillance footage so that you trace the thief if the situation arrives at that point. And, if the area is not even sub-urban, then it is better to move around with it than leave it behind. 

How to lock two bikes together

Now that you know where to place your bikes, it is time for you to understand how to lock the two bikes together perfectly. 

I would suggest you have at least two locks with you, but even if you have one, I’ll guide you about that as well. Because clearly, something is better than nothing. Now it is important for you to understand what are the essential parts of your bikes. Two of the most critical parts of your bike are:

  1. The Frame.
  2. The Wheels.

Everything else after that comes secondary. The thieves will eye on the frame and the wheels first. If they cannot steal the whole bike, they’ll at least try to steal any of the two wheels. 

Lock your bikes with one lock

I would suggest you get a D-lock as they generally have more features in their locking mechanism and are just very handy to carry around. Whereas, if you carry a cable or a chain lock, it is more prominent in size and heavy. 

  • If it’s a mini lock, then attach the two rear triangles of the bike facing opposite to each other and lock the triangle bars off it. It is the least secure technique out of all since you will be leaving your bike vulnerable. 
  • And lastly, if you have a cable lock or a chain lock, your job is to make the thief’s life difficult, with the most complicated twisted lock covering all the parts prioritizing the frame and the wheels, of course. 

Lock your bikes with more than one locks

What should I do after locking my two bikes

I believe if you have a heavy-duty D-lock along with a chain lock, then that should be enough to secure your bikes. 

You may be wondering why shouldn’t I get a cable lock instead of a chain lock. Well, the reason is that cable locks can be cut no matter the thickness, whereas chain locks are more secure. 

To cut chains, the thief would require a drill machine or a saw which makes them more prone to get caught considering the noise they’ll create. 

If you would want to know more about cable and chain locks on, which are safer, then I might have just the right thing for you

  • Keep your bikes facing the opposite ends. Then place the D-locks to the frame and the wheels, as I have mentioned above, in the lock of your bikes with one lock. 
  • If you have two D-locks, then attach the frame and the wheels on the other end, securing both of your wheels. Then finally, wrap around your chain locks, starting from the handlebars to the wheels. 

Additional locks that you can use

Here are some of the steps where you can secure your bikes further.

  • In addition, you can get yourself security skewers in case you have one wheel left out. The skewers will make wheels immovable in case the thieves just want to steal the wheels. 
  • And also, in terms of portability, having a folding lock is a bonus as they are small in size but quite long and can be placed inside the bike on a holder. A folding lock can be a replacement for a cable lock in some cases. 

What should I do after locking my two bikes?

How to lock two bikes together

Make sure that you don’t leave your bike for an extended period of time. At least do not leave it overnight after leaving it in the morning. And for the worst-case scenario, you need to write down the serial number of your bike and take a clear picture of the area and the bikes so that you can use these things as evidence to trace back your bikes. 

  • If possible, get those lowkey GPS trackers on your bike so that thieves don’t even realize that your bikes are getting tracked once they steal them. In some speedometers, there exist GPS trackers nowadays. 
  • Oh, and another thing would be to take away the chains with you after mounting your bikes. That way, unless the thieves are carrying a truck, they obviously would need to ride the bikes after cutting open the locks. 
  • Also, if you have more than two bikes, then you will require the most extended cable and chain locks, which will be heavy to carry but a necessity to perfectly lock, and also take more than two D-locks with you. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How long should a bike lock chain be?

A chain lock is around 3.5-6 feet in length and about 6-10 millimeters in thickness, covered with a polyester sleeve which is difficult to cut open. 

How long should the bike lock cable be?

In general, a bike cable lock is 4-6 feet in length and around 8-10 millimeters in width, which is the thickness. But, for locking multiple bikes, you need to get those huge-length cable locks that go up to 30 feet. A 30 feet cable lock will help you secure more than two bikes, but in terms of thickness, it will be similar to an average cable lock. 

Wrap Up! 

Thus, I hope I have answered this difficulty of yours and your partner. I have made sure that you know all the necessities required. It is easier for you to locate your bikes if you lock your bikes in one place, but on the other side, it is a delight for the thief because that is what they would eye for no matter what the circumstance.

For professionals, they look for opportunities like two bikes locked together. And, it is your job to make their life difficult. I recommend you get yourself a GPS tracker, a D-lock, and a chain lock, at the very least, to lock your bike and, of course, lock the bikes at such a place where people are active. 

Thank you for listening, and I’ll see you on some other issue or query. 

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