How to Break a Kryptonite U Lock [break a bike u lock]

You stay outdoors for a long time. That’s why you have secured your bike with the safest lock on the market.

You have left the bike, and when you come back, you find the keys missing. How horrible would it be? Yes. It will be a nightmare. 

Well, it’s not always necessary that you lose the key and fall into such a situation.

Sometimes the lock gets corrupted because of overuse, and the unlocking system is jammed forever. Whatever the reason is, the only solution here to get your bike back is to break the lock.

That’s why today’s post is all about how to break a Kryptonite U lock. Also, I will talk about what to do to avoid this kind of situation. Stay with me

When you need to break the Kryptonite U lock

When you have lost the key or forget the combination, and there is no other way to open the lock, break it!

Most of the time, people get impatient and break their locks before thinking anything. There may be alternatives or backups.

Sometimes, things can be solved if you think in a cold head. Try to find a duplicate key before breaking the lock.

When the lock is stuck but has the key, it can be fixed by little maintenance. Similarly, if you forget the combination but have the time, you can try to crack the code.

So, don’t get hyper if the bike lock is not opening. Search for backups. If you don’t find any, break the lock.

How to Avoid Bike U lock Breaking Situations

How to Avoid Breaking Situations a U lock

A decent U lock from Kryptonite can cost you around a hundred USD. When breaking it, the money gets wasted.

Moreover, there is a risk of damaging your bike while doing the job. So, try not to break the lock. Let’s know what you can do to avoid breaking the lock.

Tip-1: Keep backups or alternatives

While getting a new bike lock, you must keep some backups or alternatives. For example, Kryptonite U locks come with 2 or 3 pieces of keys.

Don’t carry them all at a time. Instead, carry one and keep the other at home for backup. Also, you can make one or more duplicates from a key maker.

Anyways, Kryptonite offers a key safe or combo safe program. You can register here and get your key or combination back once you lose the key or forget the code.

Tip-2: Crack the code

If you are using a combination lock, you can crack it somehow while not opening it.

Well, this suggestion is not for inpatients. If you have the time and patience, then try it. However, you will find numerous videos and tutorials on this.

But most of them are not applicable for Kryptonite U lock. So, you have to do it manually.

Tip-3: Maintain the lock

When the lock itself has problems, it won’t open though you have the keys. So, you must do some maintenance work to keep it from jamming.

However, when the lock is jammed, apply grease to it. Get a suitable lube and apply it through the shackle, key, and all the insertion points.

Then, put the key on and lock-unlock the lock 4 or 5 times. It will help you to make the lock smooth and rust-free.

Anyways, I would recommend Teflon Polylube. It’s effective but gentle towards metal.

How to Break a Kryptonite U Lock

Break a Kryptonite U Lock

You’re gonna abuse me if I don’t tell now how to break a Kryptonite U lock. Again, breaking should be the last step when the lock is not opening. Let’s dig in.

Method-1: Breaking with a hammer

It is the cheapest way of breaking a Kryptonite U lock. But the problem is, the bike may damage if you don’t do it carefully.

So, do it at your own risk. However, you have to get a Compressed Air Can and find a Heavy Duty Hammer before starting.

  1. Firstly, spray the compressed air on the shackle insertion area. Thus, the shackle will get weaken, and it will be easy to break.
  1. Lastly, beat the lock with a hammer until it breaks. Make sure you don’t hurt your hand as well as the bike. 

Method-2: Using shear force

If you have faith in your muscle power, try to break the lock with shears force. It can be a Bolt Cutter or Nailpuller.

Because they produce a massive amount of force that is enough for breaking the shackle.

However, you can simply cut the shackle with the bolt cuter


Get a couple of nail pullers and push the shackles outward. Do it carefully until the lock breaks.

Method-3: Cutting the Shackle

It’s the fastest and most effective method of breaking a Kryptonite U lock. But, the preparation is a bit costly, and you have to take some hassle.

Yet, it’s almost harmless for the bike. So, you should consider it more. However, a Cordless Angle Grinder will be perfect for the job.

Also, get a pair of Hand Gloves and a pair of Safety Goggles.

  1. Firstly, put on the gloves and goggles. They will protect your hand from rotating blades and save your eyes from the fire spark. Make sure the angle grinder has enough battery backup. Then, you are ready to go.
  1. Lastly, turn the grinder on and cut the shackle. Make sure you don’t push very hard. Otherwise, it can cut your bike passing the shackle. So, cut from such a position where the lock doesn’t have any contact with the bike.
Warning: Before you start the job, make things clear with the concerned authority. When your bike is parked in a public place like a roadside parking area, or basement, you must ask for the administration’s permission. Otherwise, it can be considered a criminal offense. However, your bike’s documents can make it easier.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kryptonite U locks

Is Kryptonite U locks easy to carry?

Though Kryptonite U locks are heavy, they are easy to carry. Most of them come with a mount that helps to transport the lock while riding. 

How can I lock my bike anywhere?

You can use a Kryptonite U lock that comes with a rope. For example, get the Evolution or Kryptolok.
Then, lock the bike with anything that can’t be cut. Also, stabilize the wheel so that no one can take it away. Thus, you can lock your bike anywhere.

Are Kryptonite U locks good?

Of course, they are. As Kryptonite U locks are made of high-grade carbon, they are robust and durable. Moreover, all of them are gold-rated. So, you don’t need to worry about security.

How much does it cost to get a Kryptonite U lock?

After you break the lock, you will need to get a new one. However, a decent U lock from Kryptonite costs around 60 to 100 USD. If you want a heavy-duty lock, you have to spend even more.


Kryptonite is arguably the best bike lock brand of recent time. And their U lock is one the most durable and safest lock I have ever seen.

Indeed, features like Anti-theft Protection and Lifetime Warranty reflect their confidence about being the best. Everything is for providing the highest security to your bike.

So, it will definitely be hard to break a Kryptonite U lock. But, when you don’t have a choice, you must do the hard job.

However, I have described a method that can make the job a bit easier. But, don’t apply it to heist other’s bikes. It’s for emergencies, not for criminal activities.

I hope you never fall into such situations. That’s it for today.


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