How do You Lock up Your Bike Trailer

A bike trailer is a cool bike accessory to get. You can carry goods, your pet or even your kid with it. Many riders get one because of its utility.

But the problem is it’s a bit tricky to secure a bike trailer when you are not around it. As a result, it gets stolen more frequently than anything. But you must keep it safe from thieves. That’s why I have come with today’s post.

Today, I am gonna talk about the struggle behind locking up a bike trailer. I will break down the problem behind it and try to give you the possible solution to it. Lastly, you will get to know how do you lock up your bike trailer. Isn’t it what you’re looking for?

Let’s check it out.

Why do you need to lock up the bike trailer?

Why do you need to lock up the bike trailer

You may think, why should I lock up the bike trailer separately! Isn’t it enough to secure the bike only?

Well, it could be. But, most bike trailers come with easy-removable parts nowadays, and even the trailer itself is easy-releasable. So, it’s too easy for thieves to steal the whole trailer or its parts. That’s why the bike trailer needs to be locked up.

A quick overview: locking up a bike trailer

Now you know what the problem is in locking up a bike trailer. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. So, thieves can simply lift and take it away if you secure it with a traditional locking system.

For securing the bike trailer, you will need to put all the parts together and lock it up with stable support. Your own bike can be strong support if the bike itself is locked with a secure U lock.

Anyways, I have come up with some ideas that efficiently lock up the bike trailer. Follow and use only one method that you feel to be safe for you.

Freaky Tips: While getting a new bike trailer, choose it wisely. The trailer must be easily lockable. Besides, removable wheels and a quick-release hitch bar can help to lock the parts together.

3 Best lockable bike trailer

In consequence of the above tip, I have listed the 3 best bike trailers. All of them are easily lockable. So, you can give them a shot.

1. Thule Chariot

Thule Chariot

Thule chariot is an all-in-one trailer and stroller. But it can be used as a jogger. However, Thule is a reliable brand, so don’t worry about the built quality. Besides, it features 4 wheels which ensures excellent stability and convenience of use.

Anyways, these features are not our concern right now. What we are looking for is whether the trailer is lockable or not. If you ask about Thule Chariot, it’s foldable and requires less space to store.

In addition, it has a handle that can be easily locked with your bike frame. Lastly, the wheels are removable. So, you can lock them together with the handle.

2. Schwinn Joyride

Schwinn Joyride

Schwinn is one of the oldest and most reliable bike brands I have heard about. So I never doubt its quality. If I talk about bike trailers, Schwinn offers some great quality bike trailers at affordable prices. Joyride is one of them.

Its durable construction and rear suspension are something that impresses me the most. But we are here to talk about the lockability of the trailer.

Well, this bike trailer is foldable and requires minimum space to store. More the back handle helps you to lock it up with the bike or with a pillar. You can simply remove the wheels, keep them inside the trailer, fold it and lock it with your bike.

3. Aosom Foldable

Aosom Foldable

If you are looking for a trailer with more utility focus, then it’s for you. Aosom foldable is a cargo bike trailer, and it’s a high-capacity trailer with durable construction. So, it can carry higher loads and lasts for a long.

However, Aosom features detachable back and front parts. Besides, the wheels are also removable. So you can put all the components together, fold the frame and lock it with a U lock.

How do you lock up your bike trailer?

Before you learn the methods, consider some situations. First thing, where you are gonna lock the bike trailer. If the place is crowded or full of traffic, the first method will be enough. For less crowded area, the second and third method is applicable.

The second thing to consider is the duration you are gonna leave the bike. For a short time, method-1 is preferable where method-2 and method-3 are safer for securing the bike trailer for a long time.

Method-1: Loop & U lock

It’s not too secure to lock the bike trailer with a cable lock. But it can help to some extent. For example, you have gone shopping at a supermarket, and it’s a crowded place where you may spend around an hour only.

So, you can lock the bike trailer with a loop and a lock. It’s quick and easy to do as you don’t need to remove the parts from the trailer.

However, I recommend mini_7w from the Kryptonite Evolution series. It’s a reliable brand that comes with certified locks. So, you can expect a bit of safety from this combo.

Anyways, for locking the bike trailer with loop and U lock, you need to follow what I am gonna tell you now. Firstly, pass the cable through the removable parts (e.g., wheels). Then lock the loopy ends with the bike frame.

Method-2: Multiple Bike lock

It’s a bit costly yet the most efficient way to lock up a bike trailer. Moreover, it can be annoying to carry multiple locks to lock a single bike trailer. But, trust me! The safety you are gonna get will be top-notch. After all, safety is above everything. However, a pair of Kryptonite New York will be good for the job. Let’s know how to do it.

Firstly, release the tailor from the bike. Then, remove the removable parts (wheel, front part). Then lock them with a U lock. Lastly, lock up the remaining component with another U lock. And it’s all done.

Anyways, you can use this method when you need to lock up your bike overnight or for a long time.

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Method-3: The DIY way

Sometimes hacks are better than products. The same goes in this case, and the DIY can provide higher security than a cable lock. But what is the way?

Well,  it is basically the chain and lock system. You will need a D lock from the Kryptonite Evolution series and a 3-meter long iron chain. This combo is more affordable than method-2 and safer than method-1.

But how does it work?

Well, you can call it an improved version of method-1. Because the process is totally similar to method-1. Just pass the chain through the removable components and lock the chain with the bike frame. That’s it.

This method is suitable for riders who commute to school or the office and leave their bike trailer for a few hours. So, now you can lock your bike trailer and do your job without worry.

Freaky Tips: An efficient locking system is enough to keep the bike trailer safe. But you should keep backups too. For that, leave the bike trailer where the area is under CCTV surveillance. Besides, lock it with good support so that thieves can’t 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Trailer

Can you hook up a bike trailer to an electric bike?

Yes, you can hook up a bike trailer to an electric bike. Actually, it will be more effortless to pull a bike trailer with an electric bike. Whether it’s a cargo trailer or kid carrier, you can hook it up with the electric bike. So, you can go shopping or ride with your kid without any worry.

How do you install a trailer hitch on a bike?

Most of the bike trailers come with an easy-releasable mount. So it’s effortless to install and unmount the trailer hitch. But some of the bike trailers feature a nut-bolt system. In that case, loosen the bolts and mount the hitch with the Seatpost or Rear wheel (with what it’s compatible). And, lastly, tighten the bolts.

Anyways, in some rare cases, there has no mount on the bike trailer. In that case, make a mount with a steel sheet. Then install it on the bike seat post by wielding.

How much does it cost to install a hitch on a bike?

Well, installing a hitch may cost almost nothing after you get one. If the installation includes the hitch also, it will cost around 50-250 USD. However, I am referring to the budget when you install the hitch bar from a bike shop. If you wanna DIY, it will cost even more (400-800 USD) as it requires installation tools and supplies.


A bike trailer is not just a cart to carry goods, and it’s a daily need for the riders who use it regularly. Besides, it can source of happiness for your kids to ride on it.

That’s why you won’t be happy when the trailer is stolen. So, you must lock up the bike trailer to keep it safe from thieves.

But you have already realized the struggle behind locking up a bike trailer. That’s why I have come up with some ideas that can help you do it more efficiently.

However, I have suggested the 3 best bike trailers that are easy to lock. I hope the locking will be easier with these trailers.

Anyway, that’s all for today.