The solution to your Garmin vector 3 pedals dropping out

If you are a proud owner of Garmin vector 3 pedals, then you have most probably experienced. Lately, your Gramin vector 3 pedals dropping out. I’ve been there before, although it is easy to look for a new set and call it a day.

But there is a better way out of this problem. There is an easy fix that doesn’t take much time and effort, and your pedals are like new again. All you need is an Allen key and a few things lying around the house. so let’s see what the fixes are.

Garmin Vector 3 Pedal on a black crank shaft with red bike body

The solution to the Vector 3 Pedals Dropping out.

The first thing you need to do is, remove the battery cover and remove the batteries.

Connectors on the board not touching the battery

Once the battery is out, you’ll see a circuit board with a H shaped connector which is supposed to connect to the negative terminals of the battery, some times these are not well connected. What you can do is, add a little piece of cardboard or cork under the connector. This will raise the connector and make a better connection with the battery.

Replace the board

if the above solution doesn’t work, call Garmin and see if they can ship a new connector board. This is easy to replace. The board is set in place using two screws, remove the screws and replace the board.

Clean the battery compartment and use Baby Oil on a regular basis

A lot of people have had mixed success using baby oil or some other form of mineral oil. Just open the battery cover and apply a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil regularly. Some people also clean the compartment before applying the baby oil. just use a Qtip to a small cotton swab and clean any dirt you see.

This should solve the vector 3 pedal connection issue while riding. you might need to re-calibrate your pedals to get back on the road. Please see the FAQs below for more details.

FAQs regarding Garmin Vector 3 Pedals

How to setup/connect vector 3 pedals?

Once the pedals are attached to the cranks, rotate the pedals to wake them up, then link the pedals with your garmin device.
To complete setup, choose Sensors on your device, Search All, and then follow the on-screen directions. This should get your pedals connected.

How to reset Garmin vector 3 pedals?

Reseting the vector 3 pedals is as easy as removing the battery covers and putting them back.
Remove the battery cover from the pedals with a hex key, replace the covers back with hand and then tighted them with the hex key.

How to calibrate Garmin vector 3 pedals?

Different power meters have different menu options but I’ll cover the most common meter. The pure edge.
Turn you pure edge on, wait for the “power sensor found” message, you might need to spin the cranks a few times to wake the pedals up.
Once the pedals are communicating, proceed to calibrate.
Make sure nothing is touching the pedals, select the sensor page, then select power icon and then select calibrate. you are goor to ride once the pure edge gives a successful calibration message.
Another way is to calibrate while riding. Simply start back pedaling five or six times and keep coasting. Once calibrated, you will receive a successful calibration message.

Although it is very annoying while riding that Garmin Vector 3 Pedals keep dropping connection, but following the above maintenance steps can help. Hope I have helped you with your pedal issue and happy riding!