Why is Electric Bike Display Not Working

The display on an electric bike is like your dash on a car. It provides essential information about your ride right in front of you.

And when the display doesn’t turn up, it’s like your bike’s brains have shut down.

The bike display can stop working due to a faulty circuit or damaged screen.

But, it happens very often that the display stops functioning because of its own fault. Most of the time, other components of the bike cause display errors.

Check it out.

7 Reasons your electric bike display not working

Display on a bike handle showing mileage, speed, battery charge and other detials.

Although there are several reasons for a display to stop working but the most common reason is low or no power to the display. This can happen because of loose or faulty connectors or damaged components. or the most basic reason can be a dead battery.

Whatever the problem is, you need to diagnose the bike to identify and fix the problem. Let’s go through the reasons:

  1. Dead battery: First thing you want to start your diagnosis is your bike’s battery. If the battery runs too low or is empty, the display won’t turn up after switching the bike ON.
  1. Loose connections: Another common issue is loose connections, There are six or more wires attached to the circuit. The display can stop functioning whenever one or more of them is disconnected or loose.
  1. Broken parts of connector: Just like the loose connections above, check for the connectors. these connectors connect the wires to the display, check these connectors on both the ends to make sure there is no damage or they arent loose.
  1. Controller malfunction: Controller is one of the essential parts of the electric bike. You can turn on/off the bike, accelerate or brake with it. If the controller is not working right, this can cause issues with the display.
  1. Defective Switches: A power button is mounted on the throttle to turn the bike on. The display also has function keys to turn on/off or set/reset itself. If at least one of these buttons is damaged, turning the display on won’t be possible.
  1. Blown fuse: Because of overload, electrical parts heat a lot or some wire gets shorted causing a blown fuse. Check the fuse and find the cause of the blown fuse.
  1. Defective IC/screen: In very few cases, the problem is inherent inside the bike computer. It can be a corrupted integrated circuit or a broken screen.

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A Quick fix for electric bike display

A Quick fix of electric bike display

Before starting the real repair job, you should give it a last try for a quick fix. Most of the time, the display gets fixed with it. So, let’s know what you should try.

  • Charge the battery: Make sure there is enough charge in your battery. Before that, check the battery level. You can check it out with the battery level indicator. If your ebike battery doesn’t feature a battery level indicator, use a voltmeter to determine the power. Charge the battery if the power is less than 40% and try to turn the display on again.
  • Set-Reset: Sometimes, the display can be fixed with minor adjustments. So, it would help if you tried to fix the display by simply resetting it. Firstly, reset the bike computer. For that, tap and hold the power and function buttons together for 5 seconds. If the display lights up, you are good to go. If this trick fails, reset the connectors. Disconnect all of them and connect again.

How to fix the electric bike display

If you have failed to fix the display with the above tricks, get a pro solution. The below tips can help you to fix the problem. Below are some tools you will need for this job

Basic tools you will need…

  1. Screwdriver Set: A must-have repair tool to open and get access inside various bike components.
  1. Soldering Iron Kit: It is necessary to join wires with the connectors. Also, modifying the circuits is not possible without a soldering iron.
  1. Wire Connectors: Get some compatible wire connectors. You may need them if you find damaged connectors in the controller.

Tip-1: Rectify electrical faults

As I said before, a loose connection is a primary reason for display blackouts. That’s why it’s good to start by eliminating electrical faults. Let’s go step by step to do it properly.

  1. Find every wire joint through the bike. Whether it’s of motor, battery throttle, or computer connection. Check for loose connections or damaged connectors. You’ll have to replace the connectors if there is damage and make sure they are all securely connected.
  1. Take the controller out of the bike frame. It’s situated mostly near the battery management system. First, loosen the face-plate screw and remove it. Then take a picture of the control panel with all the wiring, so you have a picture to refer to when putting this back on. Now, disconnect all the cables and bring the controller off the bike.
  1. Look for damaged wires and connectors. If you find any, adjust or fix it. Replace them if they are damaged severely or cannot be fixed.

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Tip-2: Swap components

Sometimes things go so wrong that they can’t be fixed. So, it’s better to swap some components that create too many problems. In this case, you can name the controller as a swappable component. But, it’s a bit costly to replace a controller. Instead, you can replace the MOSFET and save some money.

  1. Get some MOSFETs. Generally, 6 or more MOSFET is mounted on a controller. However, you must match the input and output voltage of the new MOSFET with the old one. Also, check the resistance offered by these MOSFETs.
  1. Replace the damaged MOSFETs. Before that, remove the controller casing and take the circuit out. Now, cut the old MOSFETs with a small Needle Nose Plier. Then, place the new MOSFETs accordingly to the circuit. Finally, join the MOSFETs with soldering.

Tip-3: Replace the bike computer

How to fix electric bike display

If the display has a defective IC or screen, an easier way would be to just replace the display. A display can cost anywhere from $150 for a budget one to $300 to 400 for the mid to high-end range.

However, consider the screen size, battery backup, connectivity, and additional features before getting a bike computer.

If you ask me, I suggest Germain Edge 530. It’s one of the best electric bike displays that offers great value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are e-bike displays interchangeable?

Yes! Electric bike displays are interchangeable. You may think there can be compatibility issues as you see on smartphones, televisions, or computers. But on electric bike displays, there is no such thing as compatibility issues. If you can connect the display to the controller somehow, it will work.

How do I know if my e-bike controller is working?

As I said before, a defective controller will display an error code. So, you would know if the controller is working or not. A controller is a hub that supplies power to all the bike components with optimal resistance.

A set of MOSFETs does this job. Testing the controller means evaluating the resistance of those MOSFETs. You can measure it with a multimeter. If the resistance is at an optimum level, the controller is okay. However, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to know the optimum resistance level.


You have already learned how essential the electric bike display is. So, when it is dead, it presses upon your nerves.

However, some bike components are associated with the display. These components get damaged most of the time, and the display stops working. Also, the IC or screen can be an issue to display failure.

When the IC or Screen is defective, you can think about getting a new bike computer. But for other faults, it’s easy to get a solution.


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