The Ultimate Guide To Purchase An E-Bike

Forget your boring car and delete those transport service apps like Uber because choosing an Electric Bike would be way more adventurous!!

You can even consider them as the future of transportation vehicles!

Of course, Electric bikes aren’t a new thing. It’s getting very popular these days. The sale of Electric bikes increased by 91 percent from 2016-2017!! So you can easily predict its popularity.

Why not? Doesn’t it sound more thrilling to pedal smoothly without putting an extra effort – EVEN ON HILLS?!!

With that being said, you can immediately start shopping for your E-bike after going through our article. We have presented an in-depth guideline on how to choose an e-bike.

So if you are planning to purchase one yet can’t decide where to start, then don’t worry! You have clicked on the right article! 

Let’s start!

What is an e-bike?

Well, e-bikes are generally battery-powered assists that come with pedaling and, sometimes, a throttle.

When you push the pedals of an e-bike, there’s a small motor that boosts you to cruise over terrain areas with ease. They are more than just a conventional bike.

Your type of ride (classes of e-bike)

According to the level of motor assistance, generally, there are 3 classes of an E-bike.

Class 1: Motor starts to assist when you pedal and stops at 20 mph. Throttle absent. Perfect for beginners.

Class 2: Throttle-powered mode and pedal-assist mode maximum up to 20mph. Suitable for new riders.

Class 3: Pedal-assist mode when you hit 28mph. Throttle unavailable. These are most popular among daily riders and errand runners.


After knowing about the classes of the E-bikes, you will get to know which particular class will be suitable for your purchase. And then comes along the pricing fact.

Prices of E-bike range from ultra-budget level to ultra-premium level.

Extreme low-budget bikes are Chinese imported, prices ranging between $300-$500.

Super affordable, right? Xiaomi has recently produced two E-bike models that cost $261 and $375 in its domestic market. You can get these bikes from Amazon, too, for around $399.

People might suggest you purchase these bikes as you can simply buy another if one breaks.

But it’s better not to go for such low-budget options because the quality gets compromised there.

You don’t get the names for the bike parts, and often they provide cheap battery cells that offer a limited range.

I would say, for a decent bike, you must pay at least $1500. If you are willing to pay more (above $2500), you will get a bike of supreme quality along with a great motor system.

Batteries and Motor


Manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the batteries and motor range for all the bikes. The equation is somewhat like *performance versus riding range*.

The more powerful a motor is, the more speed it provides to maintain consistency with traffic. It also enhances more torque for climbing hills and hauling cargo.

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Battery Life

The estimated battery life of an E-bike varies on several factors- depending on your motor power, size of your battery, your route, weight, number of stops, level of assistance, etc.

E-bike batteries generally need three to five hours to get fully charged from empty. Large-capacity batteries might last for a long time.

Battery capacity is always calculated in watt-hours (Wh) internationally. Today, the most common batteries on the market are of 400Wh to 700Wh. You can choose a higher-capacity battery if you weigh more.

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Number of Batteries

Some E-bikes allow you to use two batteries at once. Well, this has an advantage- you can use a backup if the other gets dead! This enhances the length of your ride as well.

Mounting Setup

Batteries, when integrated into the frame, clear some space for your bottle cages or a bike bag. External batteries are highly recommended as they are easily charge-able and replaceable.

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Check the heart of an e-bike: Motor Location

e bike motor

E-bike consists of two main motors: Mid-drive motors and Hub-drive motors. Mid-drive motors are placed in the middle of the bike, between the pedals.

And Hub-drive motors are positioned in the center of either the front or the rear wheel (in most cases, it is placed in the rear wheel). Both have certain pros and cons.


Mid-drive motors are smaller and lighter in weight. They allow for greater torque compared to hub-drive motors, which makes them suitable for hilly areas and off-road drives.

The centered and low position of the motor in the bike enhances it to have a balanced ride. Also, you can easily change a tire on a mid-drive bike. Overall, mid-drive bikes are really efficient.


The most powerful E-bikes in today’s market are mostly run by hub motors.

What’s exceptional about hub drivers is that they send pedal power straight to the rear wheel, which gives you a feeling of being pushed along.

They are comparatively cheaper and more versatile. They are your ultimate best friend if you want a reliable E-bike, mostly for flat commuting.

You can also use a standard bike drivetrain on the rear of your hub-drive bike.

However, We strongly recommend you to try and test both motor types before purchasing your E-bike, to find out which one suits you most.

If you opt to purchase one for touring, hill climbing, and off-road trips, go for mid-range bikes. If you are planning for commuting, the hub range bikes would be your best shot.

Type of assistance

Two types of sensors are used in E-bikes to determine the power range- The motion sensor and the Power sensor. A lot of bikes use both these sensors.

Motion Sensored

The motor continues after you take 2 to 3 pedal rotations. It doesn’t matter if you are pedaling slowly or quickly. For starting up, this type of e-bike can be a little bit tricky. But they are quite affordable.

Power Sensored

The pedal power assistance starts as soon as you start pedaling and it gets increasing more with time. It’s more comfortable compared to motor censored bikes.

But again, it’s quite expensive. We would suggest you purchase this if you go on trips where you have to stop several times on your route.

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Features & built quality that I look for buying an Electric bike

electric bike speed meter

An e-bike is, of course, more than just its motor and batteries. We are going to introduce you to some other factors that you should also consider before you start your shopping.


E-bike frames are mostly made of aluminum. The reinforced design and material of the frame, the motor, other extra components, and the battery are the biggest contributors to the total weight.

All these make an e-bike inherently heavier than general bikes. With the help of modern engineering, you can handle an e-bike despite its weight.

When you start pedaling, there is ‘the motor-assist that helps you to avoid those extra pounds.

But you might need some physical strength in order to put your bike on the car rack or while riding through stairs up or down.

Size and Fitting

You will get a huge variety of various shapes and sizes of E-bikes. Starting from city bikes that provide you with stylish cool designs and thick tires to those cargo bikes that enable you to carry heavy stuff.

You can also find fun retro-designed bikes as well as cool space-age ones.

Braking System

E-bikes are heavier in weight, around 17 to 25 kgs, and enable you to ride at high speed. This means brakes have to be excellent in quality.

You can also use a motor brake – a system where the energy gets recharged while you push brakes. You must wear protective gear because these electric bikes with motor brakes are incredibly fast.

Smartphone Integration

With high-end E-bikes, you can get connected wirelessly with your smartphone. There are apps that can have access to your GPS, maintain your service records and screen capabilities.

You can even unlock your bike’s integrated lock using certain apps, thus avoiding the hassle of using keys. Doesn’t that sound great?

Built-in security

There are some e-bikes that have rear-wheel locks attached to the frame, while others feature their lock on the battery. You can pair the keys to match a bike lock purchased separately by a partner brand.


A cool and safe feature found on city and commuter bikes. Lights are vitally important for your e-bikes as you can connect them to the drive unit.

There are some e-bikes that have these lights integrated into the frames, handlebars, and racks. As a result, you will get enough light for a safe commute, and it will help you keep visible on the road.

High-end bikes obviously have a more powerful lighting system.


The sturdy racks found on cargo e-bikes can carry heavy loads. E-bikes are enabled to accommodate separate racks (if you purchase separately). Make sure to verify, before purchasing, if your rack fits your bike.

Bike Computer

Besides the motor and battery life expectancy, there’s a lot going on in an e-bike. In that case, it’s pretty much a blessing to have a bike computer.

Because it helps you to keep track of your battery life, motor condition, pedal-assist mode, total calculation of miles, and speed.

Modern bike computers include navigation (google maps), fitness tracker, and much more.

They are also offering theft protection, even auto riding, and remote control mode. High-end bike computers come with a colored display and touch-screen feature.

Frequently asked questions about purchase An E-Bike

Here we have answered the 3 most important questions regarding e-bikes. We hope it will help you to make decisions more effectively. 

1. Do I need a driving license to ride an e-bike on roads?

If you are over 14 in England, Scotland and Wales, you don’t need insurance, tax, or license to ride an e-bike.

It is not mandatory to even wear a helmet by law. This rule applies to a “standard” electric bike or EAPC, which has a motor that assists to 250 watts, and the speed is limited to 25kph.

An e-bike that doesn’t meet the criteria of EAPC is considered a motorcycle. For riding it, you need to pay for insurance, have a driving license, and even wear a helmet.

Make sure to check local rules because the laws and regulations vary with countries.

2. Are E-bikes considered “cheating” or motorcycles?

The extra assistance provided by the motors in e-bikes will make your riding enjoyable. E-bikes also help you ride on hills when needed.

With 250 watts of extra power and 25kph maximum speed, an e-bike can’t be classified as a motorcycle. So they are, obviously, treated differently.

3. How can I secure my E-bike?

You MUST take all precautionary measures in order to keep your E-bike safe. Check the guide about bike safety
This includes a gold-rated secure lock through your wheels and frame to any static object.

There are also various apps to track the location of your bike and any unauthorized movement if needed.

Well, bike thieves might find your e-bike battery attractive! E-bikes come with a removable battery, which includes a lock and key to secure your bike.

E-bikes are often targeted by thieves, unfortunately, due to their high demand. So please make sure you buy a good rigid lock.

Be careful of the place where you are parking your E-bike, And definitely buy insurance for your bike. That is absolutely necessary!


When you are standing in a bike shop with the intention to purchase an e-bike, relax and take your time! Don’t rush! Just get yourself enough time to relax and choose an e-bike that suits you best.

Better to visit on weekends. Make sure to test the bike you want to purchase.

Testing more than one bike will make you confident, and thus you can be clear about your choices and preferences. Most bike stores will give you this opportunity to test before purchasing, so don’t miss it!!

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