Why Combination Bike Lock won’t Close [Reasons & Fix]

Whether you ride long-distance or use your bike for a short commute, its a goof idea to have a bike lock if you are going to leave your bike unattended.

A combination lock is preferred by most as you don’t have to deal with keys and also they are easy to operate.

One drawback of combination locks is that people tend to forget the combo rendering the lock useless.

Well, you forget the combination. So it’s not the lock’s fault. But, there are other reasons where you can blame the lock.

Stay with me to blame the lock and get the solution to the problem.

Why combination bike lock won’t close

It can happen because the code you entered is not correct. When you are closing the combination lock, you need to use the same code you use to unlock it. Because there is a key-like pin on it that is held by the disc end when locking. The toothed pin can’t penetrate the other end when the combination is not matched. Thus, the combination bike lock won’t close.

Another reason the bike combination lock won’t close is the lock itself. Yes, now you can blame the lock. Sometimes you put the code correctly, but it is not closing. It happens when the lock is jammed or too rusty inside.

Anyways you can still fix it. Go through the next section carefully to learn how to fix the combination lock.

What to do if the combination bike lock won’t close

Male hands wearing cycling gloves trying to use combination lock on a bike

Don’t be annoyed if the combination bike lock won’t close. Be patient; here is the solution. If you follow these steps, you can solve any type of lock-related problem.

Tip-1: Get the right lock

Getting the right lock is more important than you think. Most of the time, the lock gets rusty and jammed the mechanism.

So, getting a durable and secure bike lock is a must. Let’s know what to consider before buying a combination bike lock.

  1. Firstly, consider the type of lock. In my opinion, U-lock is more secure and durable than any other lock. Folding or chain lock is easier to carry. But, U- lock is better overall. However, ignore the cable lock as it is not very secure.
  1. Secondly, while getting a bike lock, check the security rating. Consider gold or diamond-rated bike locks over low-quality silver or bronze-rated ones. Also, think about the built quality. Carbon is stiffer and rust-proof, so you should consider it over other materials.
  1. Lastly, the features must fulfill your need. For example, the discs must be ergonomic or,  the combination must be re-settable. Yeah, that is what you are looking for. Now, you can get the solution if the combination bike lock won’t close.

Anyways, I personally like Kryptonite for a bike combination lock. It’s a reputed brand known for manufacturing high-quality bike locks.

Tip-2: Maintain it regularly

Whether the lock has a problem or not, you must maintain it regularly to keep it from rusting.

Moreover, if you maintain it regularly, it will offer smooth locking and unlocking. So, learn how to maintain a combination lock.

Finishline Premium Grease II 1
  1. Firstly, you have to get a suitable lube. I think Teflon Polylube is ideal for the job. It’s not too harsh yet effective to metal. I hope it will work.
  1. Secondly, lube the lock thoroughly. But where should you apply the lube? Well, for a combination bike lock, apply it through the insertion and dial area. Also, lubricate the pin or post. Then, lock and unlock it 4 or 5 times. Thus the lubricant will spread through the whole mechanism.
  1. Lastly, try to close the bike combination lock after you apply the lube. If it doesn’t close, maybe there are significant issues. In that case, could you take it to a lock expert to get a fix?

The combination bike lock should close by now. Now, let’s know what to do if you forget the combination.

Tip-3: Reset the combination

There is no alternative to remembering the combination. Solution? Note the combination or upload it on a reliable server.

For example, if you use Kryptonite, register to their safe lock program. If you forget the combination, they will pull it out for you.

However, after getting a new lock reset the code to your preferred combination.

Let’s see how to reset a combination bike lock.

  1. Firstly, look for the reset dial or reset hole pair. You will find a reset window when the lock is opened on a cable lock. On a U-lock, there is a reset hole pair. In that case, you can use the reset tool pin which should have come with the lock.
  1. Secondly, bring the lock to reset mode. Open the lock and insert the reset tool into the hole pair (U-lock). Or, rotate the reset dial clockwise until a red appear on the window. The lock is now in reset mode.
  1. Lastly, enter your preferred combination. Make sure the numbers are aligned right. Then, please remove the reset tool or rotate the reset dial until it returns to the previous position. Finally, check if everything is okay. Lock and unlock the lock but don’t change the combination. If you can do it smoothly, it’s all set.

Why combination bike lock won’t open

Why combination bike lock won’t open

The combination bike lock won’t open because of a misaligned combination or incorrect code. Another reason why it doesn’t open is the mechanism is jammed.

Yes, it happens because the bike lock doesn’t close. But, there is a problem. When the lock won’t close, it can be taken off the bike.

But, when it’s not opening, that means the bike is stuck, and you will need a quick solution. The solution is a bit different in this case.

That’s why I am discussing it separately. Let’s dig in.

  1. Firstly, set the right combination and make sure the numbers are appropriately aligned. If the dials are not spinning smoothly, apply Grease or WD-40 so they can move easily. If this worked, you’re golden; if not, go to the next step.
  1. Lastly, if the lock is not opening, there is no way to break it. You will need a professional lock expert or learn how to break a bike lock.

What to do if the Combination lock is stuck halfway or jammed?

This happens mostly due to rust. Internal parts of the lock get rusted and now it gets jammed halfway in a way that it doesn’t open, but also it becomes hard to close.

These are 2 most common reasons and fixes for a jammed bike lock:

  • Internal parts like discs are rusted and stuck
    • Spray the area around the combination discs with WD-40 and let it sit for a few minutes.
    • Try maneuvering the discs to make them move and tug the other end of the lock.
    • This should fix the issue.
  • The keyhole is rusted if the lock has keys
    • If your lock has keys, spray WD-40 in the keyhole and let it sit for a few minutes.
    • Also, spray WD-40 in the hole where you insert the other end of the lock.
    • Maneuver the key and wiggle the ends of the lock to fix the issue.

In both cases, apply some grease after done fixing, so this doesn’t happen again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Combination Bike Lock

How often should I maintain the combination bike lock?

It depends on the built quality of the lock and how much you use it. Usually, maintaining it once a month is good. But do it whenever you feel there is a problem. 

How much does it cost to get a bike combination lock?

You can get a decent lock for around $20 to $25.
But a good one will cost you as much as $100 or more, but these are premium locks that cannot be broken easily.
Consider investing in a premium lock if you have an expensive bike.

Are combination bike locks any good?

Well, yes and no. If you think about convenience, a combination lock is more convenient than a key lock.
But, it is said that the key lock is more secure than the combination lock. Because the code can be cracked.
It takes hours to crack the combination. So, it’s not a problem unless you leave your bike unattended for hours as a time long.


It won’t be fair if the lock you use to secure your bike starts annoying you. So, keeping it from problems is necessary. You use it to stay tension-free, not to get tensed.

First of all, you must remember the combination. Thus, you can get rid of half of the problems.

Well, it’s okay if you forget the combination. Reset it according to the process I have described earlier.

However, you must maintain the lock if you want to eliminate all the issues you face. The tips I suggested can help in this case. Follow them thoroughly to get a smoother, safer lock.

I hope you get a secure bike next time.