Bosch Ebike Keeps Turning off [Reasons & Solutions]

Bosch is a renowned brand for making premium quality e-bike drivers and e-bike gears. It’s popular among all types of riders. Because it offers drivers and gears for all kinds of bikes.

Indeed, you can say Bosch is the best for e-bikes.

But you know what, even the best can fail sometimes. The same thing happened with your Bosch bike. It keeps turning off.

Well, it’s not always necessary that the driver fails to turn the bike off. It can happen due to other component faults. So let’s know why the bosch ebike keeps turning off and how to fix this problem.

Why bosch Ebike keeps turning off

Why Bosch Ebike Keeps Turning off

A Bosch e-bike keeps turning off because of connection errors or controller failure. Besides, the sensor failure can also turn your Bosch e-bike. However, it can be the throttle problem or the pedal-assist failure. Also, an empty or dead battery can cause this problem.

Anyways, let’s discuss these problems in detail.

  1. Dead battery: It doesn’t matter how costly e-bike batteries you use; they will exhaust over time. Thus, the battery doesn’t get charged well and discharges quickly. As a result, the bike keeps turning off.
  1. Loose connections: An electric bike has many connections out there. There are wiring, connectors, battery prongs, and many more. These connections can get loose somehow. Besides, they can get fused due to overheating. Thus the power can’t be supplied to the motor, and the electric bike keeps stopping.
  1. Faulty controller: In modern bikes like Bosch, there is a controller. It does the job of coordinating and controlling the major components of the ebike. Sometimes the controller doesn’t sit right or get loosened. Thus, the controller stop working, and the whole bike turns off.
  1. Sensor failure: Sensors are another crucial part of an e-bike. A paddle assist sensor helps you determine when to start the motor. Sometimes it doesn’t function well. As a result, the throttle doesn’t work, and the Bosch e-bike keeps turning off.

Quick fix ways for E-bike keeps turning off Issue

A quick fix Bosch ebike keeps turning off

The Bosch ebike gets fixed most of the time after some simple steps. So, you should try the quick fix before starting the repair work. Follow the below steps to get a quick fix.

1. Recharge the battery:

If your ebike battery is not exhausted, recharge it. You can determine the charging level by the battery level indicator. If your bike doesn’t have the indicator, use a Multimeter to measure it.

2. Rectify electrical faults:

You can rectify loose connections quickly. But you don’t need to do it separately. It can easily fit into your regular maintenance routine. You will only need a Soldering Iron to do it. Besides, you get some spare Connectors. They can also need to be replaced.

3. Adjusting the sensor:

You have already learned that the throttle won’t work if the sensor is not functioning well. For that, you must put the sensor in the correct position. But what is the correct position of peddle assist sensor? It should be parallel and close enough to the chain or bottom bracket.

Advanced troubleshooting: Bosch e-bike keeps turning off

After a quick fix, the Bosch e-bike should stop turning off. If the problem is still present, follow the below tips to troubleshoot your Bosch e-bike.

Tip-1: Replace the battery

Swap the battery up if damaged severely and can’t be recharged again. So, get a suitable Electric Bike Battery and start the job.

  1. Firstly, you have to remove the battery box from the frame. The box can be mounted with a lock or bolts or both. Unlock the box with the key and unscrew the bolts with a Screwdriver. Also, disconnect the wring from connectors. Thus the battery box will come out of the bike.
  1. Secondly, remove the old battery. For that, open the lid on top of the box. Then cut the wiring from the root of the old battery. The battery is attached to the box with adhesive. Cut the adhesive with a knife and take the old battery out of the box.
  1. Thirdly, put the new battery inside the box. You can reuse the adhesive for attaching the battery to the box. Thus you can ensure better stability. Anyways, now connect the wiring with the battery by soldering.
  1. Lastly, reinstall the battery. For that, close the lid of the battery box. Then put the box into the frame again. tighten the screws and lock the box

Tip-2: Swap the controller

If the battery has no problem remaining, check the controller. It is generally situated near the battery. First of all, identify the controller box. Open it and take the controller out of the box. You will find the controller with colorful wiring and connectors. You must remember the combination and connect the new controller in the same manner. I know it’s hard to memorize. You don’t need to memorize. Just take a photograph on your phone. It will help you next.

After taking the controller out, check if you can restore it. Rectify if there are loose connections. Also, change the fused/damaged Connectors. If the controller gets fixed after it, that’s great. Otherwise, get a new eBike Controller and connect it according to the photograph you clicked earlier.

Tip-3: Take help from professionals

Sometimes things get complicated, and identifying errors gets difficult. In this case, it’s better not to do the repair work yourself.

Here you can take help from a professional electric bike mechanic. He can understand the problem well and fix it perfectly.

However, when looking for a mechanic, go to an ebike-specific shop instead of a regular bike shop. It is because repairing an ebike is different from fixing a regular bike.

A typical bike mechanic may not have the expertise to fix an electric bike. So, you must look for an ebike mechanic.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do you reset a Bosch eBike?

Many errors can get troubleshot by resetting the Bosch ebike. It’s effortless to do. What you have to do is to go to the setting and open my eBike panel. Then, select the reset option and confirm it by pressing the YES button. Your ebike will reset in a moment.

How long do Bosch ebike batteries last?

It depends on the frequency of use. If you use it more frequently, it will get exhausted more quickly. The batteries will last longer if it doesn’t undergo overload or overheat. However, a Bosch ebike battery can last roughly 2 years. It last even longer if you take good care of it.

Can you overcharge a Bosch ebike battery?

There was a time when batteries got damaged due to overcharge. But modern bikes like Bosch come with a lithium polymer cell. It does not get affected by overcharging. After reaching 100%, the battery immediately gets disconnected from the charger automatically. So, you can overcharge a Bosch ebike battery. It won’t be an issue.

How much does a Bosch eBike battery cost?

When the battery gets exhausted, you must replace it. If you want it from Bosch ebike, it will cost around 650 to 750 USD. It can sound a little bit costly. But, you must consider what Bosch is serving. It provides high-quality batteries, which justifies this price.


Bosch ebike can boost up your ride to high speed. But it won’t happen if the Bosch ebike keeps turning off. However, fixing an electric bike is a bit complicated. If you don’t do it correctly, it will mess up. So, you must do it correctly.

However, I have explained the repair job or fix simply. It can help you to troubleshoot your bike correctly. Follow it if you want to do it like a pro.

Anyways if it seems difficult to identify the problem, don’t try to do the repair work yourself. Instead, go to a bike shop and take help from a professional. Thus, you can get rid of all problems without any worry. So?

Keep riding at speed!