5 Best Bike Repair Stand Alternative

As you have landed here, you are the one who loves to DIY the bike repair works, just like me. It’s fun and seems to be a money saver hack to fix your bike yourself.

But, in reality, it’s costly to set up a repair workshop. Even if you start with a decent repair stand, it will cost around 200 to 300 USD. So, is it worth it?

Well, a bike repair stand helps to hang the bike during maintenance. It is a must if you want working convenience at the workshop.

But a massive amount of money will waste on a repair stand. Which is not good. So, what to do?

Well, you can save that money if you think smartly and spend wisely. Yes, I am talking about the bike repair stand alternatives. They are super cheap and provides the same service a fancy repair stand offer.

So, stay with me to learn about the 5 best bike repair stand alternatives. Read till the end. I have a surprise for you.

What makes the best bike repair stand alternative

A bike repair stand is used to hang the bike for maintenance work. It holds the bike tight so that the bike doesn’t move while fixing. Besides, it makes the maintenance job more convenient.

So, the best bike repair stand alternatives must serve these purposes. It should be able to take the load, be easier to use and have an excellent grip.

Higher Load Capacity

If you see with naked eyes, a repair stand’s job is just to hold the bike higher from the ground. So, the alternative you choose must have the capacity to take the load. Otherwise, it can get broken in a few days.

However, a bike weighs around 25 to 40 lbs. So, the best bike repair stands alternative must have the capacity of taking approximately 45 to 50 lbs of load on average.

Excellent Grip

As you need the convenience of use, the repair stand alternative should grip the bike well. Otherwise, the bike will move while fixing, and you won’t enjoy working. Moreover, there is a chance of bike fall if the grip is not good.

Thus, the bike can get damaged. So, the alternative should have an excellent grip both on the bike and on the surface, it is mounted.

However, most of the alternatives come with plastic or rubber clips. Rubber has a better grip than plastic. So, consider it while getting a repair stand alternative.

Anyways, you must measure the diameter of the top tube or seat pole of your bike. Then, get an alternative having the clip of the same diameter to ensure a better grip. Also, check the mounting system and go for a durable option.


The durability of a repair stand alternative depends on many factors. Still, mainly on the material, it is made of. Most of them are made of aluminum or steel. Steel is heavier than aluminum. But it is corrosive in nature.

So last less than aluminum. So, when buying an alternative, give aluminum or strainless steel a shot. However, the built quality also has a significant influence on durability. So, avoid cheaply made accessories. Getting products from reputed brands is the only way to ensure excellent build quality.

Ease of Use

Simplicity is all you want. So, the best bike repair stands alternative should be easy to use.

First of all, it must have an easy installation or mounting process. Too many joints and nut bolts are annoying and complicated to set up.

Secondly, adjustable components make it easier to use. When getting a bike mount, consider one that has an adjustable clip stand. Also, look for stands that are easy to umount and move wherever you want.

Lastly, the availability of parts is also necessary for ease of use. Because when a piece gets damaged or lost, the whole system becomes useless. If the parts are available in the market, they will be easy to get and replace.

My Picks: 5 Best Bike Repair Stand Alternative

Here are the 5 best alternatives to a bike repair stand. They serve the purpose of the repair stand but cost only one-third of it. Get the best one that fulfills your need.

1. Folding Stand

Folding Stand


  • Material: Iron & PA
  • Max Load: 60 lbs
  • Similar to a proper repair stand

This one is for those who stand for the stand. If you believe that the alternative of a bike repair stand should be a stand, then it’s for you. A folding stand is designed for repair work but in a compact form.

If you ask for a folding stand recommendation, I will say pro mechanic fold stand from Yaheetech. This brand has the reputation of manufacturing good products at reasonable prices. And, pro mechanic fold stand sets an example for it.

This folding stand comes with some exciting features just at 55 USD. It’s made of high-quality iron and PA, which is robust and relatively durable. And guess what?

The clip is of premium quality. I am stunned to see such a thing on a 55 dollar stand. 

However, the max load capacity is 60 lb here. It’s enough for any road bike or MTB. Its legs are foldable, so it needs less space to store. And, the 4 legged base ensures excellent stability on the ground. 

Besides, the adjustable height and 360-degree rotation make it more user-friendly. But, the best thing I loved was the tool tray. It’s for free! How cool is that!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable height
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Need less space to store


  • Not so stable as a proper repair stand
  • Limited load capacity

2. Wall Mount

Wall Mount


  • Material: Steel & Plastic
  • Max Load: 45 lbs
  • Designed for both storage and repair

There was a time when I thought a wall mount was used only for storing the bike. But I was wrong. If you get the right thing, you can use it for repair work too.

Recently, I found a wall mount from SONGMICS, which is best for the job. It’s a wall mount that can also use as a bike repair stand alternative.

It’s made of alloy steel and plastic. Definitely, better than iron. The rotating clamp offers you to hold the bike both on the seat pole and top tube. It’s adjustable so, fits different types of tube.

But, the most impressive feature is its easy-removable stand. As it is removable, you can clean it whenever you want. However, the plastic grip is quite good, but the 45 lb load capacity is quite decent.

Anyways, the load is alright for most road or hybrid bikes. But, if you own an MTB, check if the bike weight exceeds the capacity.

However, if you want higher load capacity for storage purposes, go for hook mounts. Get a stand for repair work. But if you want something that serves both, give it a shot.


  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to unmount 
  • Adjustable clamp


  • Limited load capacity
  • Need drilling to set up
  • Stationary

3. Car Rack

Car Rack


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Max Load: 2 bike/ 70 lbs
  • Designed to store and carry bikes

In my opinion, it’s the most versatile bike accessory on the list. It’s a storage rack but a repair stand and a bike carrier at the same time.

You can store 2 or more bikes at a time and carry them for moving from one place to another. And, of course, you can repair the bike by hanging it on the rack.

Personally, I like Allen Sports for car racks. Take the Deluxe Series, for example. It can carry 2 or more bikes of 70-80 lbs each. So, you don’t need to worry about the capacity.

Thinking about durability? It’s made of steel alloy, which is rust-proof and lasts for a long time. Here, you can get an excellent grip as two-sided straps are featured for tying the bike.

However, the Deluxe Series is a bit complicated in design. But, it comes preassembled, and all parts are available on the market. So, it won’t be a problem for you to maintain.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Higher load capacity
  • 2 or more bikes can be stored and carry at a time


  • Complicated design

4. Bench Mount

Bench Mount


  • Material: Iron & Plastic
  • Max Load: 45 lbs
  • It can be mounted on both bench and wall

Similar to a wall mount, a bench mount can be called a portable repair stand. It offers the exact same mechanism as a repair stand but in a smaller size. Because of its tiny size, you can’t stand it on the ground. Instead, you have to mount it on a workbench.

ROCKBROS is a game-changer for bench mount. They design a stand that can be used as both wall-mount and bench-mount. 

However, it is easy to install, has a 360-degree clamp and height adjuster. These are almost everything you expect from a bike repair stand alternative. Additionally, a steady mount and a grippy clamp make it an absolute allrounder.

If I talk about the material and stuff. It’s made of durable iron, which can hold up to 45lbs.


  • Easy to install
  • Steady mount
  • Adjustable height
  • Space saver


  • Limited load capacity
  • Need drilling to set up

5. Bike Storage Stand

Bike Storage Stand


  • Material: Alloy Steel & Plastic
  • Max Load: Not limited
  • Designed to store bikes

Though bike storage stands are designed to store bikes, they can be an excellent alternative to repair stands. They don’t have any limitations in load capacity. So they can hold any kind of bike. But, maintenance opportunity is limited here as the wheels stay on the ground.

For storage stands, I love this heavy-duty rack from RAD Cycle. It’s the simplest yet most useful rack I have ever seen. It’s easy to use and able to store 2 bikes at a time. You won’t need to clamp or tie the bike here. Just to penetrate the front wheel inside the rack. It’s that simple!

However, if I talk about the built quality, it’s made of alloy steel and plastic. But the best part is its gloss black powder-coated finish. It saves the rack from rust and makes it super durable.

A significant drawback of the rack is that you can’t hang the bike above from the ground. It’s okay if you want to check the bike and rectify minor faults. But advanced troubleshooting like finetuning is difficult as the wheel can’t be rotated.


  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to move
  • 2 Bikes can be stored at a time


  • Limited maintenance opportunity

3 DIY Ideas for Bike Repair Stand Alternative

Finally, it’s time to reveal the surprise I promised at the beginning of the post. Yes, I am talking about some DIY ideas for the bike repair stand alternative. They are not as efficient as the products I suggested above. But, they can help in emergencies and work in some cases. Let’s learn about them.

  1. Hook & Rope

It is one of the cheapest yet effective ways of hanging the bike. If you have hooks on the ceiling, hang the bike with a rope or chain.

It will be better to have two hooks for both the seat tube and head tube separately. Otherwise, tie 2 spare hooks with the ends of the chain and then hang the bike with these hooks.

Also, make sure the rope or chain is fixed and tied tight with the hooks.  Thus, the system will be more stable, and the bike won’t move much.

  1. Exhausted Seat Pole

Though it will cost you a few bucks, it’s the most effective DIY idea for an alternative bike repair stand. Basically, you have to make a bench mount yourself.

For that, get a couple of exhausted seat poles. You will get these at any old bike shop for a few bucks. Then, take them to a local welding workshop and join them at a 90-degree angle.

Also, wield a mounting system on one side and a hook on the other side. However, you can use steel pipes instead of seat poles if you don’t find them.

Anyways there is a possibility of friction between the hook and bike frame. Thus the frame can get rusty. So, wrap it with a tap or cloth for cushioning.

  1. The Bike Itself

In my opinion, it is not an effective way to repair a bike. Moreover, it’s risky to do as there is a chance of parts damage.

But, if you have nothing and need a quick minor fix, it can help. I am talking about setting the bike upside down on a table or ground.

You can diagnosis the bike well by this. But, the handlebar or saddle can get damaged. Besides, if the bike fall, the cassettes or crankset can also get damaged.

For solving the problem, you can use some drop sheets under the bike while working.

Frequently Asked Question about bike repair stand alternative

Do I need a bike repair stand?

Well, a repair stand is not necessary for regular maintenance like checking, cleaning, and lubrication. But for advanced repair work, you’ll need a repair stand for convenience.

However, you can use a bike repair stand alternative for the job. It’s suitable for every home mechanic.

How much does it cost to get a repair stand alternative?

If you go for a bike repair stand, it will cost around 200 to 300 USD. But for an alternative, you can get it with one-third of that money.

However, it will cost a little or nothing if you go for a DIY solution.


DIY is fun in means of bike repair work. Moreover, you may want to do it to save some money. So, spending 200 to 300 USD for a repair stand is not worth it. Another hand, a reair stand is a must for ease of work.

The dilemma goes on until you know about the best bike repair stand alternatives. So, learn about the 5 best bike alternatives I described earlier and choose one that suits you.

Anyways, you may know about a better bike repair stand alternative. In that case, let me know in the comment section.

It will help the other riders too. However, get any alternative you want. But, make sure it is robust, grippy, durable, and easy to use.

That’s all for today.