Why Bike Pump won’t Push Down

Imagine your bike tire gets deflated in the middle of the road. You got the patching kits and a hand pump. So you are trying to fix it for a moment.

You set the pump head to the tire valve, and now it’s time to inflate the bike tires. So, you lift the piston and try to push it down for pumping. But the bike pump won’t push down. How annoying would it be?

Yes. It will be Irritating. And why not? You can’t go far with flat tires. So the tires need to be inflated. But how to do it when the bike pump doesn’t push down?

Well, you won’t need alternatives to pump up the bike. There is a quick way to repair the pump. Try it first. If it works, then it’s fantastic.

Otherwise, get a proper solution to fix the problem. However, I will talk about it later in this post. Before that, know the reasons behind the bike pump won’t push.

Let’s start with it

Why bike pump won’t push down

Bike Pump won't Push

The bike pump won’t push down because of the valve or the pump itself. Sometimes the hosepipe has blockage on it. Other times, the piston is too rusty, so it doesn’t move up or down. But sometimes, the pump is 100% fine. Still, the pump is not pushing down. In that case, the valve can be the culprit. However, let’s talk in long.

  1. Rusty Piston: When you leave the pump unused for a long time, the inner wall and the piston get rusty. Thus, the piston can get stuck because of rust. If the piston is not moving at all, possibly there is a rusty piston.
  1. Blocked Head: If the pump is lifting up but not pushing down, there is a chance that the head has a blockage. Thus the air get stuck inside the hosepipe, and the bike pump won’t push down.
  1. Faulty Valve: Most of the time, we blame the pump when it has no problem at all. Sometimes the valve gets blocked because of dirt or dust. So, the air won’t penetrate inside the tire; it doesn’t matter how hard you push the pump. Thus a fake pump stuck appears.

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Quick way to fix bike pump push down problem

A quick fix bike pump won't push down

A quick fix won’t work every time. But it’s not wrong to try it before you start the actual repair job. However, let’s dig in.

  1. Firstly, lubricate inside the pump. For that, open the upper cap of the cylinder. Then thoroughly apply Grease around the inner wall of the cylinder. Make sure the lubricant is spread evenly through it. Anyways the pump should be okay by now. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  1. Secondly, if the pump is not fixed after the previous step, clean the pump head. For that, get a tiny needle or pin. Then apply Degreaser to the pump head. Now use the pin to remove all the dirt from it. After removing the debris, the piston should be pushed down smoothly.

What to do if bike pump won’t push down

If the bike pump doesn’t push down, try the quick fix first. In most cases, the pump gets ready after a quick fix. But, sometimes, the pump needs advanced troubleshooting to get fixed. That’s why I have come up with 3 tips for bike pump repair. Give it a shot.

Tip-1: Restore/Replace the piston

What to do if bike pump won't push down

Most of the time, the pump is stuck because of the piston. So, it either needs to be restored or replaced. Before it, observe the piston condition. Let’s dig in.

  1. Firstly, remove the top cap. It can be removed by rotating the cap. Or, if it features a screw, loosen it with a Screwdriver. After removing the cap, take the piston out of the cylinder. If it is not coming out, apply grease to it and try again.
  1. Secondly, observe the piston. If it is in good condition, just restore it. If the gasket is broken or worn out, you will need to replace it.
  1. Finally, restore or replace the piston. For restoring it, unscrew the components. Then, clean or degrease them. If the piston is damaged severely, get a compatible Plunger Gasket. After restoring or getting a new one, reinstall the components. Now, apply grease to the piston and insert it inside the cylinder. Lastly, close the top cap, and the pump is ready.

Tip-2: Fixing the nozzle


Fixing the nozzle is a bit tricky when it’s on the pump. So, take it out of the pump and clean it thoroughly.

  1. Firstly, unscrew the head from the hosepipe. Then separate the head components. If it has a screw-nut system, open it with a screwdriver. Otherwise, you will need an iron nail to separate the parts. Get a Small Hammer and push the pin gently with the nail. When the pin comes out, the parts will be disconnected automatically.
  1. Secondly, check the components. If any of them is damaged, get a new Nozzle. Otherwise, clean these small parts. Get a needle and clean the nozzle until it becomes an absolute hollow tube.
  1. Finally, place the parts as it was before. Then put the pin on to keep the pieces together. Lastly, reinstall the head, and it’s all set.

Tip-3: Swapping the hosepipe

One thing I forgot to tell that the hosepipe can be corrupted inside. In that case, it’s better to replace it. But, you can also try to fix it. If the pipe is blocked inside, pour degreaser inside it. Thus, the pipe can get fixed. Otherwise, get a new Hosepipe. It’s super cheap to get one, so it’s worth it.

Freaky Tips: One bonus tip for you! If the pumping valve is corrupted, restore or replace it with a compatible one. Thus, the fake pump stuck won’t appear.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Pump

How do I know if my bike pump is working?

If your bike pump features a pressure gauge, it’s easy to know if your bike pump is working or not. While pumping, if the pressure is increasing, then the pump is working well. Besides, the pressure should stay stable while you stop for a while. Otherwise, there may be leakages in the pump.

What do P and S mean on a bike pump?

Before buying a bike pump, you have to make sure that the head is compatible with the bike’s tire valve. To make it easy, manufacturers print the letter P or S on the pump. Here P is referred to as Presta, and S indicates Schrader. Thus, you can get the pump that suits your bike.

How do I remove the needle from the bike pump?

The needle on the nozzle is of no use if you don’t have playing balls. Moreover, you can’t pump the bike with the needle on. So, you must remove it. For that, unscrew the needle from the needle adaptor. Then, remove the needle adaptor from the nozzle. That’s it.


It sounds good that you have a bike pump. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mini or a floor pump. You should have one to keep the bike tires inflated.

An inflated tire is a must to ride efficiently. Besides, chances of puncture are reduced if the tire is pumped regularly. But things get tricky if the piston is stuck and the bike pump won’t push down.

However, I have explained why the bike pump. It will help you to prevent the pump stuck. Besides, a quick fix and a proper repair guide are discussed next. Follow them thoroughly to get a permanent solution. So, get a problem-free pump and keep the bike inflated.

I hope you enjoy carefree rides.


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