Best Bike Helmet Under 100 USD(REVEALED): 2021 Review

Helmets are for protecting your head from injuries in case of unpleasant accidents while riding.

No country has a strict law of wearing a helmet unless you are under a certain age. Yet, a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries by 70 to 80 percent when an accident occurs.

However, in recent times, a helmet is not just a piece of safety equipment. For style, aerodynamics, and safety, a helmet is a must for a cyclist.

When you think of buying a helmet at a low price of $100, many questions come to mind.

Is it safe?

Is it comfortable?

Will it fit me?

Well, I am here to answer all of your questions. You will get to know about the best bike helmet under 100 (USD) and what features they should have throughout the post.

Best Bike Helmet Under 100: Our Picks

We have brought 15 best bike helmets under $100. All of them provide a safe ride and ensure US safety standards. Pick the best one for yourself according to your need and type of ride.

Best cycling helmet for cheap [Find Perfect Helmet On Budget]

1. Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet: Best Aero Helmet

best aero helmet

Type: Aero/TT

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC

Let’s start with a  helmet that everyone would love.

Yes! Introducing Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet. If you are searching for a helmet that offers a minimum wind barrier, then, this one is for you.

It comes with an aerodynamic design and less ventilation for helping you go fast, splitting the wind. Yet, the vents provide enough air circulation to keep your head cool.

The design is not the only reason to keep it at the top. If I talk about its other features, I have many more things to say.

You don’t have to worry about its safety features as it is certified by US CPSC. With an In-mold construction, it provides the highest safety on a crash.

Additionally, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) promises to keep your brain safe from the rotational force.

If you agree to spend 15 dollars more, you will get a detachable visor that can protect your eyes from sunlight.

However, this affordable helmet is light enough to wear for a long time. Besides, it has an adjustable dial that ensures retention from 22-24 inch head circumference.

Plus point, it has a strap that is easy-adjustable and comfortable. You can use this helmet for road cycling, triathlon, and even on races.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable Lenses


  • Less Ventilation

2. Giro Register MIPS Roadbike Helmet

Giro register MIPS

Type: Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC

Giro is one of the most famous sports brands manufacturing bike helmets for many years. That’s why it’s a reliable name on the helmet market.

And why not? After all, they manufacture some helmets that offer safe rides and value for the money.

So, when you are buying a bike helmet, consider the Giro brand for getting quality products.

Anyway, I was talking about the Giro Register Road bike helmet. If you are a casual rider, this lightweight road bike helmet is an affordable option for you. Asking “why”?
Forget it! I am explaining “how.”

Giro register offers In-mold construction that gives it the CPSC certification. Besides, MIPS added more safety assurance on the road.

Like other Giro helmets, it features the Roc Loc sports system. Which is an adjustable dial.

And guess what? It offers a universal fit size. However, don’t worry about other things.

Because it’s Giro. Considering the rider’s comfort while commuting, it provides a great ventilation system (22 vents) and comfortable straps.

Absolutely a worth-buying helmet for daily commutes and road cycling.


  • Universal Fit
  • Lightweight
  • Dry Padding Technology


  • Less Aerodynamic

3. KASK Rapido Road Cycling Helmet (Best for Road Cycling)

KASK Rapido Road cycling helmet

Type: Road

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: In-mold Construction

Certification: EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063

Another helmet brand KASK, based in Italy established in 2004. But, it gains popularity in a short time for launching some awesome quality helmets.

Take Rapido, for example. It is one of the best helmets from KASK.

Well ventilated, KASK Rapido is the best option we found for road cycling.

Passed out through various countries’ safety standards, it provides the highest protection against a crash. EPS inner shell and Polycarbonate body are obvious in this price.

But what do you want from a road bike helmet? Want to go fast, right?

Yes, aerodynamically designed KASK Rapido gets less air drag while riding on speed. Yet, it has an excellent air circulation system.

So, what will you get with it? A comfortable, aerodynamic ride with a cool head. Wait, something is missing, right? Actually not.

I know aerodynamics, ventilation, protection are nothing without good retention. And, this helmet ensures it well.

The adjustable retention dial is an incredible feature of this helmet. And, of course, an up-down adjustable strap comes with it to give you the perfect fit.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Well Ventilated


  • No MIPS

4. Lazer Blade Helmet

Lazer blade helmet

Type: Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: Bottom Shell Protection

Certification: US CPSC

Lazer Blade is a fantastic helmet in its price range. Considering its safety and utility, it can compete with the high-end Z1 helmet yet at an affordable price.

If you are searching for a helmet that offers premium features at a low cost, then go for it. But, what do I mean by premium features?

Well, the Lazer blade has some advanced features that are rare at this price. I am not talking about its material or safety system.

Nor am I indicating the certification it has. I am talking about its unique design and versatility.

Lightness and well ventilation are what you want from a commuter helmet, and this budget helmet ensures it well.

But what about comfort? Yes, comfort is the key to the best budget helmet. Lazer blade provides all these with its inbuilt features.

And the design? It has a distinct style to fit every riders’ head. However, ARS fitting system eliminates every pressure point and hotspot.

Moreover, it has ponytail compatibility, which can make you smile, long-haired people!

Anyways, I am not gonna lie; I love everything about the Lazer blade, except its retention system.

The barrel adjuster is not that effective as a dial adjuster. Other hand, some people have complained about the straps.

But, cool features like rechargeable LED rear light make it forgivable.


  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Inefficient retention system
  • Straps are not that good.

5. Bern Union Road bike Helmet

Bern union

Type: Urban/Adventure

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC

Aww! Looks like a classic baseball helmet; BERN union has come to make your urban/adventure rides fun. Combining with a flip visor, its back neck covering design gives the highest safety to your head.

However, 100% head covering is not all from this helmet. It has few more things that make it the safest one on our list. Zipmold construction has made it robust and comfortable as well.

When it’s about comfort, well ventilation is a must. And guess what? This one has 21 vents to keep your head cool while riding.

Moreover, it features a BOA 360 retention system that ensures fit for every rider.

Oh crap! I forget the MIPS. It added the ultimate protection to your brain. And this helmet also adapts it. Great job, BERN!

If you are thinking that’s all, then take a breathe. This helmet has a moisture control feature for ensuring a sweat-free ride.

Besides, the PWD bike light compatibility is added to make your night adventure safer. Smart features indeed!


  • Safe
  • Comfortable


  • Heavy

6. Mavic ASKIUM Elite

Mavic Aksium

Type: Road/Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: Inmold Construction

Certification: EU CE, US CPSC

Another big brand, Mavic is renowned for manufacturing bicycle components for centuries. So, no doubt about its reliability.

However, reliability is neither the piece of talk for the Mavic Elite Helmet. All we can discuss, about its elegant design and all-rounder performance.

This helmet has a smooth finish over the head, which offers outstanding performance on road rides.

Moreover, it has an excellent air circulation system to keep your head cool while commuting. Ponytail compatibility is a nice thing to have on a budget helmet. And this helmet provides it accordingly.

Coming to the safety features, it has both CE and CPSC certifications. So, don’t worry about your safety.

Its in-mold construction is strong enough to save your head-on crash.

Additionally, it comes with an Ergo Hold SL retention system that is rare on a budget helmet. It helps you to acquire fit quickly with a hand.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Ponytail Compatibility


  • Less Aerodynamic

7. Giro Agilis MIPS

Giro agilis road

Type: Road

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC, EU CE

Another Impressive helmet from Giro. Giro Agilis is a men-specific road cycling helmet. Yet, you can use it for multi-terrain rides, too, as it has the versatility to manage every kind of ride.

Like other Giro helmets, agilis comes with an In-mold construction, MIPS, adjustable retention dial. But here, it has a rare ventilation system.

The total air vent is 32 here, which offers the ultimate comfort while wearing the helmet.

EPS foam and polycarbonate shell provide expected safety on a crash. Moreover, MIPS takes care of your brain on a rotational force.

However, be carefree about its retention system. It comes with Roc loc fitting system that means easy adjustment and accurate fitting. If you ask me about the straps, I will say, ‘’don’t worry, rely on ‘’Giro.’’


  • Safe & Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Well Ventilated


  • Less Aerodynamic
  • Only for Men

8. Bell Formula MIPS

Bell formula

Type: Road/Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC, CE EN1078

If you are fond of night commutes and looking for the safest solution on helmets, I’ll recommend it.

Bell Formula MIPS helmet comes with a 20 lumen rear LED light. It has 3 types of lightning modes- steady, strobe & pulse.

You will get 2.5 hrs, 5 hrs, 10 hrs battery backup consequently with those modes. However, you’re getting a USB charging system with it. Besides, you will get a rechargeable battery.

Anyways, this feature ensures your visibility while commuting at night. But, don’t think other features are compromised for it.

Bell formula comes with these essential safety features you expect from a helmet.

An In-mold construction certified by CPSC, MIPS for your brain safety, and retention dial (integrated with LED) to ensure fit are what you will get from it.

However, the design is OK with road cycling and commuting. But it won’t be suitable for triathlons or races.

As it offers excellent air circulation, you have to compromise aerodynamics to get a cool head. Additionally, it has a sweat-proof technology to ensure dry and itching less ride.


  • Comfortable
  • Retention
  • Sweat Absorbing Technology


  • Less Aerodynamic

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9. Giro Foray Road bike Helmet

Giro foray

Type: Road

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC, CE EN1078

Giro foray seems like the cross of Giro register & Giro Agilis. If you look at its design, you will be agreed with me. It’s as comfortable as Register and more aerodynamic than Agilis. Let me explain.

Giro foray has an Inmold construction, MIPS, and a retention dial like other Helmets of GIro. Additionally, it offers Dry Padding technology and Universal fit like the Giro register to ensure 100% comfort.

However, 21 vents come along with these to ensure enough air circulation. But, it offers more excellent air resistance with its more aerodynamic design.

Anyways, as it is certified by CPSC and CE as usual, don’t worry about safety. Also, MIPS comes with it. So, be sure about the highest protection of your head.

The Roc Loc 5 retention system is better than other Giro helmets on our list. Of course, it’s lighter than them. So, you are going to get superb performance from it.


  • Universal Fit
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Dry Padding Technology


  • Less Aerodynamic

10. Bell Falcon MIPS (Best for Commuting)

Bell falcon

Type: Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC

We have enlisted a few options on the best helmet for commuting. But if you ask, which one is the winner? I will say Bell falcon.

Because comfort is the prime feature, most casual riders expect from a commuter bike helmet. Bell falcon helmet fulfills their demand very well.

It comes with a well-padded EPS inner shell. Indeed, it has an in-mold polycarbonate body to ensure safety.

But, an aerodynamic design with excellent ventilation makes it distinct from other helmets. I mean, where will you get so many facilities?

However, this helmet can seem to be heavy if you do road cycling. But, it’s OK with daily commutes or fitness rides.

Safety is ensured with its in-mold construction and MIPS. Other hands, sweat guide, and float fitting are plus points for comfort and safety.

The straps come with a hook and loop fastener, which is easy to open or close.


  • Comfortable
  • Well Ventilated
  • Aerodynamic


  • Little Heavy

11. Team Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet (Best for Adventure Rides)

Team obsidian

Type: Adventure/Road

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: Inmold Reinforcing Skeleton

Certification: US CPSC


No, I am not talking about the brand. To be honest, TeamObsidian is not a big name. But, just see what they are bringing for you. TeamObsidian Airflow bike helmet comes with a premium look and features as well. Additionally, they are offering 2 years of warranty on it. This is insane!

However, alongside look, TeamObsidian also focused on the safety you want from a helmet.

It has a strong Polycarbonate shell molded with a reinforcing skeleton. Additionally, well-padded foam brings the highest safety and comfort with it.

Anyways, when it’s about safety, retention is also crucial. This helmet offers an easy-adjustable retention dial & ponytail compatibility. Moreover, its chin straps give a premium feel while wearing it.

By the way, necessary accessories like a removable visor and washable pads are included with it for ease of use. You can use this helmet on every type of ride.

People claim it as an all-rounder. But, I suggest not to use it for MTB races. Get heavier and stronger ones for hardcore tracking.

But, you can wear it while cycling for an adventure. Definitely, I would remark it as the best adventure bike helmet.


  • Comfortable & Well Ventilated
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Little heavy

12. Giro Fixture (Best for Dirt Cycling)

Giro Fixture

Type: Dirt Cycling

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC, EU CE

It’s challenging to ride on dirt or crossroad without a helmet.

And, it’s Giro again to the rescue. With a trail-inspired design and a visor, the Giro fixture protects your face and eyes from dirt or dust.

Well, the visor is removable. So, you can also use this helmet for daily commutes or road rides by removing it.

Here comes the safety issue. Giro left no stone undone to maximize the protection. This helmet is constructed with EPS foam and a polycarbonate shell.

That means the fulfillment of standard safety. MIPS is easy to predict for any Giro helmet. And Yes! You’re right. Fixture integrates it too.

However, the Roc loc sports fitting system and retention dial provide a universal fit.

With decent ventilation, you will get enough air to keep the head cool. Yet, it has an aerodynamic design to avoid wind barriers.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable & Safe
  • Universal Fit


  • Little Heavy

13. Schwinn Beam LED (Cheapest We Recommend)

Schwinn Beam LED

Type: Road/Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: In-mold construction

Certification: US CPSC

I really don’t know why people consider the bestseller list to get the best budget helmet. Most of them are cheaply made and have no safety certification. You can also check it from the below link.

Amazon Best Sellers in Adult Bike Helmets

Anyways, I suggest not picking a helmet blindly from the bestseller list. Choose carefully. You will get a few worth buying and safe to use.

However, I find Schwinn Beam LED one of them. Not just because of a big brand name, it’s CPSC certified, so reliable.

Though cheap in price, it’s a safe option for Sunday riders. Its construction is strong enough to save your head from a crash.

Moreover, it’s light in weight and comfortable to wear. Additionally, it offers excellent retention and 360-degree adjustability. The rear LED is the most focused feature of it. It helps you to be seen among traffic.

However, If you are doing a serious kind of cycling like races or tracking, I encourage you not to buy it. It’s not that safe to protect you from falls. Spend a little more to get a safer, higher-end helmet.


  • LED
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Only for Casual Riders

14. KINGBIKE Ultralight

KINGBIKE Ultralight

Type: Road/Commute

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

Safety: In-Mold Construction

Certification: US CPSC, EU CE

If you want the lightest option on the best bike helmet under 100, this is what you are looking for. KINGBIKE is not a well-known brand but has a reason to talk about it.

KINGBIKE Ultralight, according to its name, is one of the lightest among all budget helmets available on the market right now.

However, alongside lightness, it provides a few more things that are exciting. It can compete with its big brands’ twins. And why not? Just look at its design.

How well ventilated and aerodynamic style it has! Its retention regulator offers perfect fitting on your head.

Moreover, the visor and a LED rear light are impressive at such a low cost.

Anyways, don’t assume anything about the safety. CPSC and CE certified, this helmet also comes with a polycarbonate shell molded with EPS liner.

That means the assurance of safety and comfort in a package. LED is an addition in protection while commuting on dark roads.

It has three lighting modes (Solid, fast flash, slow flash) and a battery included.


  • Super light
  • Comfortable
  • LED & Visor


  • Less Aerodynamic

15. Giro Trella MIPS (Best for Women)

Giro trella

Type: Commute/Road

Safety: MIPS

Certification: US CPSC, EU CE

Material: EPS & Polycarbonate

While buying a helmet, most of the women struggle to find the best fitting on head.

That’s why I have introduced Giro Trella as the best bike helmet for women. It has a universal fitting system suitable for a women’s head structure.

Besides, it ensures maximum safety with its inbuild design and MIPS.

Now, let’s come to the polycarbonate outer shell.

It is molded with comfortable EPS foam that offers superb comfort on the head—additionally, this helmet cover-up your forehead and back neck alongside the whole scalp.

Anyways, don’t worry about its safety features. Like every Giro helmet, it also has CPSC & CE certification. MIPS has integrated with it to protect your brain along with beauty.

However, well ventilated and light in weight Giro Trella is suitable for commute and road cycling. It has an excellent retention system that helps to use it for hardtails too.

You may expect ponytail compatibility. It doesn’t have this. But, think about the protection you can get from it.


  • Universal Fit
  • Highest Safety
  • Comfortable


  • Less Aerodynamic

What makes the best budget helmet?

There is a myth among riders that spending more money can give you more safety. But the fact is, most countries like the US have a safety standard for bike helmets.

That means what you are getting with a $450 helmet, the same thing you can get with a $45 helmet. Well, premium feel and durability can be a matter of consideration.

But the basic features of safety and comfort are not bad in a budget helmet. $100 is a budget where you can get some good deals without sacrificing minimum safety assurance.

So, what should be the features of the best budget helmet?

  • It is safe.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It fits well.
  • Lightweight.
  • It gives protection from head injuries.
  • Additional safety features are added with it.

Things to consider before buying the bike helmet under 100

budget helmet

There are many things to consider before buying a bike helmet. Besides basic features, you can have some personal preferences too. So, learn what you can get with $100 and choose according to your need.


There are many types of bike helmets according to their features and utility.

Road bike helmet

Road bike helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic. Suitable for road races and daily rides, these helmets are what you think of a bike helmet.

Well-ventilation and foam fitting are the key features of a road bike helmet. Outer plastic shell gives safety from a crash. Cost around $100, road bike helmets offer decent wind resistance.

TT bike helmet

TT (Time Trial) helmets are suitable for triathlon and pro races. A longer tail off the back and no gap design help reducing drag and make it a perfect wind-resistant helmet.

However, ventilation is minimal here, and a classic style is offered.

These helmets are not allowed in UCI’s races. You can use it for weekend rides, daily practice, or track races. A little bit heavy, these helmets cost around $150-200.

Aero road bike helmet

A cross of a traditional road bike helmet and a TT helmet, Aero bike helmets balance aerodynamics and ventilation. These helmets are lightweight, and an aerodynamic design is offered with them.

Less drag and wind cut technology is the X factor for making it popular among cyclists. However, ventilation is moderate here but enough to keep your head cool.

Light in weight, these versatile helmets cost above $100.

Commuter bike helmet

Comfort is the most crucial focus on commuter bike helmets. If you are confident to sacrifice the other things, then it is for you. Suitable for daily rides or commuting, these helmets offer the same safety as the other type. Moreover, it has a lower price of 80 to 100$. Bulky in weight, it is very comfortable for daily rides and designed for long time use.

MTB helmet

MTB helmet is a modified version of traditional road bike helmets. The difference is, MTB helmets have a maximized protection design. It covers the forehead and back neck and gives maximum protection.

As heavy and durable, these helmets are perfect for off-road terrain and mountain trail. However, it is designed to protect the eyes from sun, rain, or mud.

So, visibility is limited here. You can use it for road rides, but I suggest not using it on busy roads.

Full face downhill helmet

These helmets are for extreme sports like BMX stunts or downhill rides. It is designed to cover the entire head, including a chin guard to give the ultimate protection.

However, being heavy and compact, it is not suitable for road rides. Additional safety features such as goggles and a face shield make it perfect for high-speed performance stunts.


Safety/Protection should be the first consideration of buying a bike helmet. So, why I put the price first? Well, do you remember what I said at the beginning of the post? Most popular helmet brands maintain the basic safety standard, and $100 is a budget where you don’t need to sacrifice the safety assurance. So, safety is not a matter of worry. But, other things can like comfort, fit, or additional features can vary with the price.


When it’s about a helmet, you just think of an outer shell of plastic and internal padding. But, there is a variety of constructions in different helmets.

The materials are not always of the same plastic. However, thermoplastic like Polycarbonate or Polystyrene is used for the outer shell.

For foam, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is typical. Carbon fiber is also found on some high-end helmets.

Anyways, you don’t need to understand material science. Just remember that thermoplastic is robust and cheap, where composite fiber is the strongest and expensive.

Now it’s up to you what you want. Strong material is needed for road bike helmets, where for casual rides, it’s OK to have a decent helmet. Other hands, MTBs demand a safer and more durable one.


Direct from the construction, let’s focus on safety. I have said many times not to worry about the safety standard.

You need a minimum amount of money to get the helmet of a trusted brand. KASK, Bell, Giro are some names to pick here.

They are famous for offering some existing featured helmets. Make sure if your preferred brand maintains the safety standard or not.

It includes the construction, fit, retention of what I am gonna discuss later.

Some additional safety features become compulsory for new riders. Take MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System), for example. It is installed between the comfort padding and EPS to protect your brain from the rotational impact of a fall. It reduces the risk of brain injuries to 70 percent.


Comfort means no unease or itching after wearing the helmet. For this, a helmet should be made of itching-free components and have enough padding.

Some materials don’t suck sweat, and that can feel uncomfortable for riders. A well-fitted helmet with those features can be comfortable.

Straps and retention systems should be well for a comfortable helmet.

Sometimes more weight or less ventilation can be an issue to comfort. Spend a little more money if you and good padding and comfortable component.


Fitting is important for both comfort and safety. If the fitting is well, you will get a smooth and comfortable ride.

As well, the helmet will do its job properly if it fits well. However, bike helmets come in different sizes. You should be careful about it.

Know the length of your head’s circumference. And match the size. Besides this, the helmet should have adjustable straps and a retention system for getting the best possible fitting.


I have mentioned it several times above. We all know that some riders’ head circumference can be the same, but their heads’ shape can’t always be the same.

For solving this problem, modern helmets come with a retention system.

It can be adjustable chin straps and a ratchet system. The ratchet system can be a dial or something else that can be loosened or tightened according to your back head skull.

However, this system allows you to adjust the helmet. As well it ensures the helmet stay on your head during an accident.


Less ventilation causes suffocation, excessive sweating and makes the head hot. So, a helmet must have enough ventilation to keep the head cool.

Air goes inside the air vent and circulates through the helmet. Before buying a helmet, check the air vents, it is ok or not.

Because, for road races or long rides, you must keep the head cool. For the cold season, just wear a thermal cap under the helmet.


The overall weight of the helmet is an important consideration. While you are riding for hours, it must be light and comfortable.

Otherwise, neck pain can spoil the fun of riding. Most helmets have polystyrene shell and EPS foaming. So, they are lightweight yet strong.

If you are looking for a $40-50 helmet, it can weigh around 330g. By spending $80 to $100, a lighter helmet will come that can often weigh less than 250g.

However, expensive helmets can be more lightweight and aerodynamic. Get a balanced one if you are a road racer. This consideration can compromise if you are a casual rider, mountain tracker, or Sunday warrior.


This word is common in every bicycle-related discussion. Especially about road bikes, aero is the word riders love to hear.

So, aerodynamics is also a consideration for buying helmets. Well, I have said that expensive helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic most of the time.

Having fewer air vents reduce the drag and make it aerodynamic. However, those are not the actual requirement for a helmet to be aerodynamic.

The actual fact is the design. Aero helmets are designed in such a way that they can spit air.


There was a time when people think the helmet was a racing kit. But, people get smarter now.

Whether you are a daily rider, long-distance tour guy, or a weekend warrior, wear a helmet. Trust me; it will help you feel ride-ready, and, of course, you will experience safer rides. I hope this post has helped you to find the best options for budget helmets.

Have a Great Day.

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